A Love Letter To Drake
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A Love Letter To Drake

Cause Drizzy got the money.

A Love Letter To Drake

Drizzy has had my heart since way back in the day. Anytime a Drake song comes on everyone somehow knows every word because it's just that smooth. Even my dad can admit Drake is "pretty good." He kicked Meek Mill's ass in that battle with no problem and gave us the legendary Back to Back in the process. Drake has given us music to get through every time in our young lives, every hardship and romance. He's made us all feel like we are living like Champagne Papi with him.

He makes a turtleneck look hot and besides Justin Bieber, Americans have never been more in love with a Canadian ever before.

Thank you Drake for rapping some of the best of the best killer lines of the decade. You kill the game every time, effortlessly. There is not one bad Drake song in the world. They are all amazing and when one comes on in the car, the whole friend group goes wild for a reason.

Thank you Drake for giving us The Motto, YOLO and telling us to live our dreams and to never be afraid to try new things and leave old ones behind. I still think you're secretly dating RiRi but if you aren't that's OK, because your music is hot enough.

The classics such as "Best I Ever Had," "Miss Me," "0 to 100," "6 God" and don't forget "Forever" to name a few will forever go down in millennial history. We fall in love with you every time Drake, crooning to us about cherishing women and missing your girl. We all wish we were your girl. And don't even get me started on the slow jams like "Marvin's Room" or "Take Care" because everyone has listened to them staring out a car window on a rainy day, pretending to be in a music video. They're just that deep.

Every verse Drake raps could be a sick Instagram caption because who else would think of something so amazing than Drizzy himself? He has lyrics for every situation, mood or emotion, so if your'e arguing with your significant other, feel free to send an appropriately thought out Drake lyric that will blow their mind. Argument won and done. Drake just gets emotions and feelings; he gets us. We all know we're that special somebody. (Also Chef Curry with the pot? Genius.)

And finally, the magic that is "Views." When Drake dropped this album, life would basically be changed forever. Every single song on this album is complete fire. They keep getting better the longer I listen. I dare you to not dance when "One Dance" comes on because it's almost physically impossible. Nothing was the same.

My roommate and I basically passed our Stats final listening to "Controlla" on repeat. It hypnotized us.

We're all on your team, Drake, and you're too good to us. We love you.

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