What Is Love?

What is love?

Love is pain.

Love is like a drug that you can become addicted to.

Love is something some people think they cannot live without.

Love is fucked up and some people think that is all they're worth in this world.

I fell in love once. Loving this one person was something I was willing to do, but when the thoughts came flooding my mind I wanted to let go. I thought the person I was with deserved better than me and that their person was still out there. I'm a difficult person to be with, trust me I know. I get jealous easily, I fall too hard, and I love with everything I've got. I put 110% into a relationship and sometimes even when the other person doesn't deserve it. All I wanted was for someone to look at me and accept me for who I was and where I came from. Family means everything to me and if my significant other can't accept them then it would be hard for me to want to continue to be in a relationship with them.

Loving someone for me made me not want to love anyone ever again. I wanted to be by myself for the longest time. I get told over and over again that my one true person is out there somewhere and I haven't met them yet. Hell, I've told my best friend that, but how can I know for sure that they are out there somewhere. With the person I loved I told him I wanted him to be happy with whoever he chose to be with and that I hope the girl of his dreams makes him as happy as can be. You see I'm not a typical once we break up I hate you type of person. I'll be your friend until one of us proves to the other we can't. I want to find the person worth fighting for. I want the love to be everlasting and for both of us to never give up on each other. For now, all I can say is fuck love!

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