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11 Ways To Celebrate World Kindness Day

Be that person, change someones mood!


Don't you ever have those days where everything is going so wrong and all you need is a huge hug? I always have those days and I wish someone would just smile at me or hug me or just talk to me!

1. Open the door for someone

If you see someone coming towards a door you are going through, keep it open for them! I know this is the nicest thing someone can do for me, especially when I am running late for class or having a rough morning. While you are at it, smile at them too.

2. Compliment a stranger

Sometimes I see girls who had the prettiest hair or a really cute jacket, but I never say it out loud because I don't want to seem weird BUT it really is not weird, people love to be complimented or at least I know I do! Tell that girl her hair is cute, she will probably be so confident for the rest of the day and that is what we all need!

3. Pay for the persons coffee behind you in line

One time I was having a horrible day and I stopped at Starbucks to get coffee. Once I got up to the window, they told me that the person in front of me had paid for my order! My mood instantly turned around. Be that person, change someone's mood!

4. Smile at someone

Smile at the next person that walks past you, I guarantee they will smile back!

5. Leave a positive note on someone's car

Before leaving your parking spot, put a positive message on a napkin or anything you have in your car that you can write on and stick it on the car next to you! You never know, the person driving the car may be having the worst day of their lives and you just turned it around.

6. Have a conversation with someone

I love having conversations about conspiracy theories and life and what it means and whenever I talk about it, I get really happy. Find out what someone likes to talk about and talk to them!

7. Invite someone to have lunch with you

Want to go to lunch but don't have anyone to go with? Invite someone! Even if that someone is someone you do not really know, do it! You could be in class and see that someone is very down that day but by inviting them to lunch you could gain a new friend and make their day.

8. Give your friend a hug

The thing that makes me feel better during a stressful or tiring day is a huge hug! If you notice your friends or people you are close with are struggling, hug them. It will help them know that you care and will probably make their day 10 times better!

9. Volunteer 

You could volunteer at a homeless shelter, an animal shelter, or anywhere nearby! This would help other people out and make their days brighter just knowing that you took time out of your day to help them because you wanted to and not because you had to.

10. Call someone who you have not talked to in a while

Call a family member or a friend who you have not talked to in a while! It might make their day by hearing from you because it is probably unexpected. Catch up with them, be positive, laugh! It will make you and the other person feel so happy and maybe will help you both reconnect.

11. Plant flowers in your parents' yard

I know my mom LOVES flowers and they make her extremely happy. You can get any kind of flowers from Home Depot or Jewel and plant them to make your families yard look colorful!

I believe that everyone should be kind to each other even if it means going out of our comfort zones to interact with people we do not know. Be kind, show the love!

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