I am the oldest of four children and I can proudly say that all of my family and I are best friends. Well, majority of my family. I think it's amusing when I think about my family. When I think about the fun memories that I have had throughout my childhood. Whenever I think about my family, I think about the song Family is Family by Casey Musgraves. When they say blood is thicker than water, they really mean it. When you have a friend that you don't like anymore, you just stop talking to them, but not with family because you're stuck with them forever.

I was thinking the other day about the people in my family and I realized how weird family is. We hang out with these strangers that we are related to by blood and for some reason, we are just friends with them. It's like when you meet a new family member, you just automatically feel welcomed by them and there's no pressure to impress them. I really do find family members weird. We say we love these people even we barely know them.

If you think about it, we actually don't know people that well, that we're related to. I have started to notice that I learn something new about my family members each time I talk to them. It's fun when you just talk to your family members about themselves. I love asking people about their weddings or about their favorite things they did when they were a kid. It's interesting to hear about their lives before we came into them.

My favorite thing about my family is that I have become friends with my family members. It's such a cool thing that happens once you go away to school or when you get older, you become friends with your grandparents and parents. The most interesting family you have are the ones you aren't related to. I have many different aunts and cousins that aren't related to me by blood. I have known them as long as I have known my blood-related family.

I think that it's interesting how we just deal with our family members even when they get on your nerves. If you can say that there isn't anyone in your family that doesn't get on your nerves sometimes, then you're lying. You deal with the person who calls you every week, you get the people who you don't know how they've made it this far. You get to see every type of personality that is possible with your family members.

Even when you have issues in your family, you love them anyway because they're family. You love your family even when their crazy or normal and everything in between. It's all important to love your family and to defend them because they are your blood. It's like you have your own club where everyone loves you. It's like the greatest place in the world. Family is family and I know I have the best one around.