Why I Love Elephants

Why I Love Elephants

and why you should love them too.

If you know anything about me, you know I absolutely love elephants. I have an elephant necklace on as we speak, I have elephant stickers on my car, and I even have an elephant tattoo!

Whenever I bring up that I love elephants or people see all my elephant-themed items, they always ask me why I love elephants so much, and I really don't know. But here are a few of the reasons why they are my favorite animals.

1. They're goofy

They have no idea what they're doing, which is why they're so relatable. They're just like us college students. Also, who gave a baby elephant a ribbon?

2. They're lovable

Elephants are social, loving animals. If I ever had an elephant try to hug me like this, I might just never let him go. Look how happy that guy is to be hugging the elephant!

3. They're intelligent

These animals are known to be incredibly intelligent, which makes me even more in awe of them. They're even known to be one of the most intelligent creatures on the earth! This elephant is painting, with his trunk? And he's drawing a better elephant than I could.

4. They're..a little strange

Elephants are unlike any animal I've ever seen, with their trunk, their tusks, and their massive size. They are most closely related to the extinct mammoth, which makes sense as to why elephants are so unique. Just the fact that we have such a bizarre looking creature on this earth is interesting enough, never mind all the other awesome things about them.

5. They're gentle giants

Have you ever heard that elephants are afraid of mice? That just proves how gentle these giants really are. Any animal that doesn't know it's size is precious. A big golden retriever trying to sit on its owner's lap? Precious. A gigantic elephant tripping over a tiny soccer ball? So. Precious.

6. They're so cute!

Elephants in general are super cute, but their babies are ridiculously adorable. Every time I see the mini version of these huge animals my heart melts. If I could own a baby elephant I totally would, but unfortunately they grow to be at least 3 tons.

7. They stick together

Elephants tend to stay together with their families, which is beautiful in itself. My tattoo has a family of three elephants to show my admiration of elephants and their loyalty to each other. This loyalty to one another shows their intelligence, as well as how loving these animals are.

These are some of the many reasons I love elephants. If anyone else loves them like I do, leave a comment with your favorite things about them!

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30 Bee Puns To Get You Through The Day

These puns are as sweet as honey.

There are few things in life that make me happier (and/or make me want to bury my face in my hands and groan loudly) than a well timed pun. This goes double if the pun involves some my favorite insects — bees. There's nothing quite as satisfying as uttering a bee pun when no one expects it, so here is a list of the top 30 bee puns around!

Use these puns to make your grandparents laugh, impress your date, spice up your Tinder profile, make friends with a beekeeper, break the ice at your new job or make everyone in the general vicinity wish they hadn't invited you to come hang out with them. You won't bee-lieve how many of these puns you'll be pollen for! You'll bee-come an instant hit at parties! You'll bee sure to thank me later.

1. "When a bee is in your hand, what's in your eye? Beauty. Because beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder."

2. "Bee puns really sting.

3. "Who's a bee's favorite singer? Bee-yoncé."

4. "What's a happy bumblebee's blood type? Bee positive!"

5. "Bee puns aren't that great. I don't get what all the buzz is about."

6. "Wasp are you talking about?"

7. "Naughty bee children really need to beehive."

8. "What kind of bees drop things? Fumble bees!"

9. "A bee's favorite haircut is a buzz cut!"

10. "What do you call a bee that's a sore loser? A cry bay-bee!"

11. "What's a bee's favorite flower? Bee-gonias!"

12. "Why do bees get married? Because they found their honey!"

13. "That bee is talking too quietly, it must be a mumble-bee!"

14. "Bee children take the school buzz to get to school."

15. "A bee's favorite sport is rug-bee."

16. "The bees went on strike because they wanted more honey and less working flowers."

17. "On the first day of class, bee students are given a sylla-buzz."

18. "What did one bee say to the other when they landed on the same flower? Buzz off."

19. "Who's a bee's favorite painter? Pablo Bee-casso!"

20. "A bee styles their hair with a honeycomb."

21. "When a bee writes a sonnet, they're waxing poetic."

22. "The worker bee decided to take a vacation to Stingapore last year."

23. "A bee that's been put under a spell has been bee-witched!"

24. "Say, these bee puns aren't too shab-bee."

25. "That pretentious wasp is just plain snob-bee!"

26. "Why did the bee want to use the phone? To say hi to their honey."

27. "A bee's favorite novel is the Great Gats-bee."

28. "What's a bee's favorite Spice Girls song? Wanna-bee!"

29. "What do bees like with their sushi? Wasa-bee!"

30. "Remember, bee puns are good for your health, they give you a dose of Vitamin Bee!"

Cover Image Credit: Fanaru

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A Beautiful Day-A Poem

This is my first entry and I didn't know what to name this buuuttttt...here it is.


Sitting outside in the shade of a tree

I look up to the sky, and the sky's all I see

The sky is so clear I could almost see through it

No clouds to be found, just infinite blue

The cool breeze blowing fills up my lungs

It's so crisp and clear that I can't help but smile

I can hear the birds singing and the leaves as they play

A leaf flutters by me as a butterfly may

I sigh to myself as I stilly observe

The current state of nature in its imperfect world

The sweet state of bliss that engulfs me right now

Is a pleasant relief from the chaos I know

I know it won't last and the storms may soon come

But I'll still enjoy this sweet, sweet respite

For deep down I know, though the rain may pour hard,

The storms may last long, and floods might ensue

In the end, the sun always comes out to shine

And no matter the damage

Life will always begin anew

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