10 Reasons you'll be More than Happy to Come Home for Summer

While at school, I had gotten so used to being by myself and doing things independently — so much so that I was almost sad that I'd have to leave Lexington and come home for the summer.

The only thoughts running through my mind: I will never get any privacy. I won't get to run my own schedule anymore. I'll be stuck talking to people and doing various things/jobs that I'd finally gotten away from.

But, after being home for a little bit, I can't even believe I had originally dreaded coming back.

Here at home, I have an endless supply of love, comfort, and familiarity; all things that I was unable to find on my own in Lexington. I guess it is true when they say home is where the heart is.



In a couple of weeks, I'm sure you'll change your mind, but for now, the warm embraces that come from your parents and siblings are more than enough to make you wanna stay home for good.



College besties are great, and they're in it for the long-haul, no doubt. But, being able to come home and hang out with those that are the most familiar is satisfactory.

Home-cooked meals


I don't know if I'll be able to go to Champs or The 90 ever again.

Your own room

jump in bed

UK provides its students with nice dorms that come with Tempurpedic mattresses, granite countertops, and your own bedroom and bathroom (unlike a lot of other schools), but let's just be honest here and say that they will NEVER be able to top the comfort of your own bed, in your own room, at home.



And the love that overflows your heart when your dog greets you at the door is enough to make you want to drop out.

Old job


If you're like me, you're probably going to work at your old high school job this summer to make some extra cash. When we were there before, we dreaded every minute of the job that we felt like we were forced to do, but now I'm so ready to go back to work with my favorite co-workers (that I now consider some of the greatest friends) doing things that I'm all too familiar doing.



If y'all catch me flying through town doing 80 in a 55...mind ya business. I've just missed my baby.

Less responsibility

cleaning underneath

Your mom is back to buying your groceries AND does all of the cleaning, except for your room. What more could you want?

Peace of mind


I think you'll come to find that your "home activities" will help you to leave the homework/exam/finals stress right where it came from.

 (Slight) financial freedom

roll in money

Last, but certainly not least, you'll finally get some FREEDOM from those grueling tuition payments (until August).

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