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'He Is The Voice Of Reason,' And 9 More Reasons We Love Beto O'Rourke

"Long-live our punk rock king."

'He Is The Voice Of Reason,' And 9 More Reasons We Love Beto O'Rourke

Beto O'Rourke, ever heard of him? Texas Democrat Congressman? Ran for Senate against Ted Cruz? Political heartthrob? All though he didn't win his senate race against Cruz he did win the hearts of millions of Democrats. Since his Senate race, his popularity has skyrocketed across America. 2020 nominations are coming up in the New Year, and the pressure is on for him to announce his running for president. While running for Senate, he did announce he would not be running for President, and his main focus would be on the Senate race. Now that the race is over he has backtracked his statement of not running with "We're thinking about it."

His "hip" and cool personality makes him one of the most hyped up political figures since Barack Obama. The race is on for him to announce in the New Year. We are ready to get on the BETO train and get this election going. Will he take the chance of running for office? We hope so! But until that day (hopefully) comes here are five reasons we love Beto O'Rourke.

1. He's a skater boy 

Beto himself posted a Facebook video of him skateboarding through a Whataburger parking lot. When asked why he was at Whataburger his simple reply was "I had a gift card I wanted to use." We've all had a crush on a skater boy, but this one just happens to be a Congressman too.

2. He doesn't want PAC money 


He refused large offers of money from super PACs. Just from small donations of everyday people, he raised a stunning $38 million for his campaign. Many politicians rely on hefty donations from PACs, Beto's campaign has voiced their disapproval of PACs getting involved with campaigns. His campaign is record-breaking in the number of donations he has received. Also, Beyonce endorsed him, so he's already winning.

3. He's the punk rocker boy we all love

Okay, so he wasn't the next big star, but he was a bassist for a punk rock band. Though he has no available music to purchase or stream we still have some very low-quality Youtube videos out there. Long-live our punk rock king.

4. He can cook


If you follow him on Instagram, you'll know that he is quite the cook. His Instagram stories usually feature him cooking with his kids. If politics don't work out for him there is always the Food Network or Tasty Facebook videos.

5. He's a voice of reason


No matter what political party you are this man speaks from a place that we don't see often. His compassion, honesty, and hope for a better future are encouraging in this uncertain time. His relatable punk rock days and skateboard tricks are what remind you that he is an everyday guy. Whether he is making slime on his Instagram story with his kids or doing his Congressman duties, he's a man that I hope to see THRIVE in politics.

6. He sang with Willie Nelson 

The country legend Willie Nelson joined Beto at a rally to sing 'On the Road Again'. It was a completely free concert with no gates or entryway. Beto opened up the event to anyone wanting to watch and listen to Nelson and Beto himself.

7. He cares about the earth 


We are not guaranteed this earth forever, there is man-made climate change happening and it's up to us to change that. Voting isn't going to matter if we don't even have a planet to vote on. One of Beto's main focuses in his camping was to make sure that future generations have a home and a bright future.

8. He owns up to his mistakes 


He doesn't hide his past, he answers questions asked directly on equal pay, taking a knee, police brutality, women's rights, and gun control. His past mistakes aren't hidden but turned into lessons and personal growth.

9. He visited all 254 counties in Texas 


It took over fifteen months but Beto finally was able to say he visited all 254 counties in Texas. Many counties mostly red but he still went out and talked to voters even if it was ten people. He's done over 80% of the driving in his minivan with his team the whole campaign.

10. He believes in equal pay 


He pushes for equal pay! Many don't acknowledge or even believe in equal pay. During his campaign, he voiced his concern for the working men and women who deserve the same pay for the same job.

After the holidays are over it's time for 2020 nominations! Get out there and vote and voice your opinions! BETO is the GOAT of 2018 and hopefully 2020.

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