I Love Being A Masshole

What is a Masshole? In short, it is a generalized term for a resident of Massachusetts. Many consider Massholes as loud-mouthed, belligerent, and reckless drivers, but I think otherwise. Here is a list of quick facts that sum up what it is like being a Masshole.

We are a people proud of where we come from. We have some of the best education, hospitals and sports teams in the country.

We have four amazing sports teams that have had high and low seasons. Boston Red Sox Baseball, Boston Bruins Hockey, New England Patriots Football, Boston Celtics Basketball and even the New England Revolution Soccer (although to many it does not count). I’ve had the privilege to see the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots and Celtics win titles (some teams on multiple occasions). I've attended four different parades and celebrated on Boylston Street in Boston, MA with the rest of Sox Nation during the 2013 World Series victory. Like what is said above, people are proud of their sports teams.

We also have all four seasons. As much as I love the cold winters with the snow, there’s nothing like watching the flowers bloom in spring, spending my days off at the beach in the summer and then going on scenic hikes in fall.If there isn’t a Dunkin' Donuts within a mile of where you are I’d be a bit nervous. It is a Massachusetts and New England staple overall. (Also CVS).

Every driver believes the other driver is the worst driver. Especially if it is raining or snowing outside. Every driver becomes that much more crazier on the roads. Very true, we are all guilty of it. There is also no other place I’d rather learn how to drive despite us being “road ragers.”

We come off as cold, hard, and mean people, but in the end we look out for one another and are unique to the rest of the country. We love who we are and where we come from and there is no other place I would have rather been raised.

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