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Everyone Should Strive To Be Louis Tomlinson And Spread Positivity To Others

Turn your bad days into good days for others.

Everyone Should Strive To Be Louis Tomlinson And Spread Positivity To Others

My favorite band growing up was One Direction. Saying that is so strange since I feel like I was just at their concerts and listening to their albums for the very first time. The band split up for a "hiatus" in 2015 and all the members have been doing solo work.

Louis Tomlinson, the band's eldest member has been through a lot since the band went their separate ways. In December of 2016, his mother Johannah, or Jay, passed away from Leukemia, leaving him and his six siblings behind.
Jay was an exceptional woman and mother. Louis and she would make it their goal to make others happy. Jay said that whenever Louis was having a bad day with the press or with anything else going on in his life, that he'd tell her, "Let's go make someone happy."

The two did tons of charity work and hosted a ball for kids with cancer in England. The kids got to dress up as princes and princesses and got to play games all day, as many wealthy people donated money to cancer research and facilities.
The pair were always trying to lend a hand and make people smile. I always found that extremely admirable that they desired to turn their bad days into good ones for others.

In March, Louis' younger sister Felicite passed away. This happened shortly after Louis released a song called "Two of Us" that he wrote for his mother. Louis had just gotten back into the music game and then another tragedy struck. As his fan, I wanted nothing more than for him to take time for himself so that he could grieve and heal from the loss of his little sister.
Louis took some time off and recently came back with a music video for "Two of Us." The video was not what I expected at all. I thought it would be clips of him and his mom all throughout, but it wasn't.

The video showed Louis meeting up with an elderly man named Richard, whose wife had passed away from Alzheimer's disease. He made it his mission to help Richard complete all the things on his bucket list. The two went on a rollercoaster, they drove race cars, and Louis even let Richard give him a tattoo!

Watching this made my heart feel happy. The song "Two of Us" played in the background and Louis said that Richard had lost his wife around the time he had lost his mom, so he wanted to go and try to make his day. The video showed how truly happy Richard was to be accompanied by Louis and to be able to do all the things he's always wanted to do.

I realized why Louis did what he did for that music video. His mother and he always tried to make someone else smile when they were going through a tough time, so he wanted to keep that up even after his mother was no longer by his side. He knew that is what she would have wanted.

I think it's beautiful that someone with that much success chooses to take the time out of their day to go make someone happy by simply being with them and doing fun things. I think Louis is truly a genuine person who has a good heart and I wish him the best in all he does moving forward. He has taken all the pain he's faced and turned it into something positive, which I think we can all learn from.

The next time you're having a bad day, try to make someone else's day. Someone else may be having an even worse day and could really use some positivity in their life!

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