Lost N Found(Recap of Manhood)Part IV

By the time you hear this, it might just be too late.

My eyes been open since

Late 2008....

You see we made History,

first black prez

We all made amends

So at least that's what we thought

But instead we just made trends



Police all of a sudden had WMD up they sleeve.

So many black bodies, shot up hit the floor,

Make a soul shook

Don't even wanna step outside anymore.


Real Eyes


Real Lies

No surprise

I can see my future

See my demise

So go ahead

hand me my accolades.

First up Nobel Peace Prize.

It's so sad that the people that were part of the best memory, become a memory.

They ask me where's my hearts at, well good luck finding that.

It's Deep submerged in water, trying to scratch the surface above,

And you know how the saying goes...

Every Poet, just wants to be loved...

It seems as if every time I come home...shit hits the fan.

The world turning its back against me,

I mean "you said you couldn't wait to be a man"

Carolina side of mind

I feel like I'm trapped with no map

My mind is twisted insane.

There isn't day

I wanna fly away

My mind is congested

There is No DREAM!

Life Wraps its hand around my throat cutting off the THE Air

Supply my demand and kill the care.

I'm stuck between

right and wrong

Black and White

Real and Fiction

There is no depiction...

Of Reality's song...

My mind is racing

Thoughts submerged in The Devils nectar.

I hate thinking like this cause I slide into a depression,

Wait what's next? I'm having a head on collision with my thoughts,

It just gave me a concussion.

Congrats life, Mr. Poetics is back..

But why must I suffer to write the best,

Is it because I wanna be better than the rest?

Or maybe I'm on a highway of hell, so god care's about me less...

I'm so sick of struggle, I try my

Best to remain sane.

Trying to escape the lynch theory in my brain...

This is a heart to heart

I'm screaming LOVE IS THE ANSWER!

I'm a simple guy

Wanna make my mama proud,

But I feel I'm stuck inside this fantasy cloud.

I want everything to go right,

Despite my daily fight.

Retaliation is that 4-letter word

But I don't think that's the Key,

It'll just spark the born sinner in me.

I'm getting mad more

Way confused more.

Too concerned more.

Stressed is leading to the open door.

If Anger is the cousin of Hate

Then anxiety must be the baby of life.

Tension thick enough to cut with a knife.

I feel like a could go the easy route.

But it'll take me back 10 years clout.

Takes No BS

no time to pout.

A box is the only way out.

Riots, scream and shout.

No More real ones, it's a drought.

I'm boxed in

This holy pin

like Holyfield

All types of sin

Sin city

No sensitivity

Down and gritty

Takes no pity.

Waiting for the milly

It's New Years

But the same me.

So for your New Years resolution,

Would you like to stop pollution?

The pollution of hate, fear, brutality, greed and rape.

Captain save-a has retired.

Ripped up the cape.

So don't you know that I am

To Involved

To Installed

In this world

Ima Hurl

A baby girl

With the fruits of labor

F my neighbor

...I'm worth above my wager

Cause when I'm the king

I will sing

always bring

Peace, tran-quil-ity

I know he's the boss

But what about me!

Cause I'm the man

With the plan

To change the world

write the referral

Im against

the law

By law

And order

Read my message

Clear as water

Son of Jesus

Holy Father

Guide me to them pearly gates please.

Cause the world done made its landscape into a money tree!


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