Ranking Songs From 'The Lost Boys'

Which movie has four hot vampires, Corey Haim, a little bit of horror, a little bit of humor and a whole lot of the '80s? If you thought of "The Lost Boys," then you are correct.

"The Lost Boys" is a vampire cult classic that took the box office by storm in 1987. In addition to having an incredible cast and story, the film also has a stellar soundtrack. Though all of the songs are absolutely fantastic, some are quite more iconic and captivating than others.

Here are the songs from "The Lost Boys" soundtrack, ranked from my least favorite to my favorite.

10. "To The Shock Of Miss Louise" by Thomas Newman 

"To The Shock of Miss Louise" gives off the most aesthetic carnival vibes. Listening to this song makes one feel as if they are walking through Santa Carla with the Emerson brothers.

9. "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" by Roger Daltrey 

Although this song does not play in the film, it gives off the biggest Santa Carla vibes. As the calm tone of the song paves a path through your ear canals, you almost envision the golden sun setting so calmly right before your eyes.

7. "Laying Down the Law" by INXS & Jimmy Barnes

As if INXS singing this hit isn't enough, the guitar riffs are bound to enthrall you. This song gives off an awesome '80s vibe that'll make you feel like you are comic book shopping right there with Sam.

6. "Power Play" by Eddie and The Tide

"Power Play" is definitely one of the underrated gems from this awesome soundtrack. This song will suck you right back into the '80s.

5. "Good Times" by INXS & Jimmy Barnes

I have three words for what makes this song so great: DEATH. BY. STEREO.

4.  "Lost in the Shadows (The Lost Boys)" by Lou Gramm

This song gives off the ultimate "Lost Boys" vibes. Bring out the Chinese food and red wine — it's time to turn into a blood sucker.

3. "Beauty Has Her Way" by Mummy Calls

"Beauty Has Her Way" is one of the most beautiful and underrated songs on the soundtrack. Although it plays very briefly in the film, it is bound to captivate you the most. With the 80s synth and the enthralling lyrics, you are taken into a Santa Carla paradise with this tune. It is a classic.

"I Still Believe" by Tim Capello 

"I Still Believe" by Tim Capello is one of the most iconic songs from "The Lost Boys." No one forgets the sexy saxophone man singing on the beach. No one. The soundtrack would be not complete without him.

"People Are Strange" by Echo and The Bunnymen 

"People Are Strange" is the ultimate classic from the film. Echo and The Bunnymen do an incredible job covering The Doors. It's one of the first songs to play in the film, and it is the theme song for Santa Carla — a place where things are quite strange for Sam and Michael Emerson.

"Cry Little Sister" by Gerard Mcmann 

"Cry Little Sister" shapes the Lost Boys soundtrack into what it is. The song gives off such chilling vibes and fills your veins with horror and excitement. Each time the song plays in the film, you feel the blood rush through your veins quicker and quicker. Neither the film nor the soundtrack would not be complete without this song.

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