Lost Best Friend?
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Lost Best Friend?

Whats a "bestfriend?"

Lost Best Friend?
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I am sure I am not the only one who has been through this, and I definitely won't be the last, but I am here to tell my story, and everything that I have learnt.

She was supposed to be my ride or die. It was supposed to be me and her against the world, never not once, did I allow anyone or anything to come between us two, that was only one sided that I came to find out two years of friendship later.

I valued our friendship over everything else, and over anyone else for that matter. I went wrong by thinking the world of her, and I hate it happened how it happened, I hate feeling like I got betrayed, and used, and that she was always looking for a way to "dispose" of me eventually.

I kinda always knew she would walk out the door, i took to oath that I wasn't ever walking out of the door, and I never did. Maybe she didn't walk out but she took her boyfriends hand and he led her out, and you know what? I am okay with that, because I see who you chose over who, and I would've never done it in a million years, but that's okay. I can find a better friend than you ever were.

I learned that God was taking all the negative energy away from me, I learned that God was taking away what and who was dragging me down, I learned that he was teaching me a valuable lesson, one I will never forget, and the most important lesson that I learned was that me thinking there was always something wrong with me, those were false, all of the things I thought were wrong with me, were aftermath of stress from our friendship.

In the end I am glad that you walked out that door, because I have learned so many new things, and I have learned everyone who walked out of my life or that I have pushed out has came back to me after they found out you were gone.

I have learned many new things, I have learned to be my self, and I have learned how to be myself. I have taken that time I used to text you with, and do many new things, applying for colleges, staying in nature and peacefully being able to relax knowing you're gone and I don't have to worry how things are going with you on sundays and etc.

I learned many lessons one being NEVER EVER do what i did and drop your other friends for another friend, bestfriend or not, DO NOT do it. I am sure one day I will muster up and write your open letter but todays not the day to waste my time on that, or for that matter waste my time on you at all. Two years was enough time that I wasted on negative energy, being drug down, and everything else.

One last thing, don't you dare EVER contact me again, if you manage to find something I don't have you blocked on, because believe me I am more than glad you chose the path you did, and I can live with my decision, and not regret, question is, can you?

That boy, well he's just a boy, and he will leave, time will fade, and seasons will change, and I know for a fact you will find your way to want to weasle back in my life, because I know how it works, and I know you're probably thinking nah I won't, but yeah you will. I don't want you back, you chose who you chose, you did what you did, I don't miss that or want it back. Lessons learnt, pictures burnt, and time wasted.

You think you left me behind with no one, but in reality you're so wrong, I have people, and friends, and I'm not the one with any issues, you are.

Funny how you were replaced so fast that it wasn't even funny, glad I met a very special girl I call Ash, she showed me a true bestfriend, and shes an amazing bestfriend, no dry threats, no backstabbing, none of that.

At one point I actually bought into the idea that I needed you, and look at me, here living just fine, without the person I thought I needed,


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