When I was surprised with my puppy when I was nine years old, I instantly fell in love. We grew up together. She was by my side through everything until she became sick. I never anticipated the pain that would follow. In the months after her death, I noticed my life would never be the same. You don't realize the impact your childhood pet leaves behind after they're gone.

1. Your house is a lot quieter

You miss the sound of them running around all the time, barking at the mailman, and the jingle from their dog tags.

2. You no longer have a sidekick beside you during everyday tasks

You are suddenly lonely when you go on walks because you no longer have to hold a leash.

3. You no longer have a cuddle buddy

There was nothing better than your dog snuggling up to you underneath a blanket in the cold weather.

4. You don’t have to share your meals anymore

I could always count on my dog to finish my scraps, share my meals, and clean up any food I happened to drop on accident.

5. Your passenger seat tends to be empty more often

My dog used to love car rides and sticking her head out of the window, enjoying the ride. Now, my passengers can't possibly be as adorable. (Sorry!)

6. You don’t get greeted at the front door

For years, I got used to hearing my dog leap out of bed and run to say hi as soon as I got home from school.

7. Your heart breaks when you have to stay goodbye

You're never prepared to let them go, and realize how much you miss them after they are gone.

8. You no longer have someone to grow up with

As I grew up, so did my dog; we both learned new things over the years.

9. You lose a best friend

A pet is always there for you whether they want to or not, they listen to you talk, lick your face when you're sad, and enjoy your happy moments alongside of you.