10 Things Every Girl Who Looks Younger Than Her Age Has Been Through, Without A Doubt

10 Things Every Girl Who Looks Younger Than Her Age Has Been Through, Without A Doubt

One day we'll appreciate it, but right now, not so much.


You're that person that has looked the same age since you were 12, and it sucks. Not much has changed other than the fact that you're officially no longer a minor, but nobody would know that based solely on your looks. Does that sound about right? Be calm, it's not all that bad. Here are some things (good and bad) all of us baby-faced, short girls can relate to.

1. Being the only one in your friend group that gets carded

While all your friends glide right past the bouncer because they are super hot, tall, and look 5 years older than they really are, of course, you're the only one that gets stopped to show proof of your age because you're short and look like you're five.

2. Everyone always says how you'll be thankful for looking younger when you're 50

Yeah, OK, and? Right now I'm a 21-year-old that could pass for 15, and I really don't want to hear that I won't be thankful for that until I'm half-way dead.

3. Strangers automatically assume your younger sibling is multiple years older than you

While the irrelevant stranger feels the need to state how they would've never guessed you're the older one, you just smile at them while imagining you actually saying what's really on your mind.

4. The bartender gives you a confused look when you go up and order a drink

They probably think you're playing a weird joke on them because right now they are thinking, "there's no way this girl is of age." Well, guess what, bartender, I am. And now I feel weird just trying to exercise my legal rights.

5. Makeup is the only thing that can make you look a slight bit older

Unfortunately, you have to smack as much product on your face as you can just so you can look a little bit closer to your actual age.

6. You can still get away with ordering off the kids menu sometimes

This comes in handy when you have $20 in your bank account, but you really want to save some money at the restaurants.

7. When you're walking in a group of 5th graders, you blend right in

It's one thing looking young and a whole other when you're also short. Double whammy. Great. More reason for people to believe that maybe you really are a 5th grader.

8. You can still shop in the kids department

Have you ever been looking at a pair of shoes that was extremely overpriced, but find the same exact pair in the kid's section for $20 cheaper? Yeah, that's a huge pro of looking younger and being shorter than the average.

9. Everyone makes fun of how close you sit to the steering wheel

It never fails, whenever people get into your car they have to ask, "How do you see over the steering wheel?" or "Is it really necessary to sit that close to the wheel?" Well, I don't know, why don't you try being 5 feet and driving?

10. You have caught yourself showing patterns of "Napoleon syndrome"

Even though you're not a man, so short man syndrome doesn't exactly apply, sometimes people just don't take you seriously enough due to your young appearance and short stature. So, this might cause you to get a little frustrated at times and try to compensate. Oops. Sorry, not sorry.

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Just Because I'm Skinny Doesn't Mean It's OK To Body Shame Me

It's not okay for me to tell you to slow down on the Ho Hos but it's okay for you to tell me to go eat a burger?


In today's society, body shaming seems to be common, which is unfortunate since it happens to everyone. Body shaming is known to occur to women or men we may consider "overweight." People may crack jokes or insults to overweight individuals.

As I am not considered "overweight," I am considered a "twig" to most — which has, of course, come with body shaming.

When you have a high and fast metabolism, it's pretty easy to just eat whatever you want and not gain the weight like other individuals might, but can I help that? No, I cannot, so stop telling me to go "eat a burger" because that doesn't make me feel any better about my thigh gap.

Skinny individuals might often hear negative comments from people that may pose to be "larger" or "thicker" but that doesn't make it okay.

If I can't tell you to "shed a few pounds" then you most certainly cannot tell me to "gain a couple pounds."

In my opinion and experience, it seems as though skinny individuals like myself get the backlash from "overweight" individuals. Is that because people that are bigger than me think I won't get offended because I'm small, or weigh less than them? Do people that body shame the skinny think that we're too comfortable in our own skin to get mad or angry? Or is it to make me feel bad about being too skinny to eat my way into a couple extra pounds?

Yes, in this world it is very hard to feel confident in your own skin with all the body shaming and negative feedback, but that shouldn't be a trigger to thinking it's okay to lash out on others.

I know for a fact that if I got on Twitter and found a "thick" person and called her "fat" that I wouldn't see the light in the next day because I'd be called cruel or get negative attention for body shaming. Now, If you were on Twitter and saw a bigger person call a skinny person a "twig" or "too skinny" there would be not near as much hate. That is completely outrageous because it all hurts the same.

The truth is, if you're a decent human being you won't care if there's a 400lb man on Twitter posting shirtless selfies or a 5'8"125-pound girl posting bikini pictures. A decent human being would be able to sit back and acknowledge that both pictures are the same. Because if both individuals in the picture are happy and confident then you should respect that and not body shame. What do you achieve from being a negative Nancy? 20k likes on a tweet? If that's the case, then you're just pathetic.

And don't think that just because I can wear a size 0 pant or an extra small top that I'm not self-conscious about my body. It's because of body shaming pricks like you that make me feel like I can't go out to the beach in my bikini because my ribs show when I raise my arms, or because my ass isn't peachy enough for you to look at.

The word on the street has always been, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it all — at least that's how my parents always raised me.

If you are overweight, who cares? If you have a thigh gap, who cares? And if you're considered an average weight, who cares? I know I don't, and I especially don't care enough to make an insult about it.

If you don't like when people tell you to go to the gym and lay off the junk food then do not come at me with a “go eat a burger" comment or a “do you even eat" side comment. because you won't gain anything out of that one — especially because I've heard that too many times. Be confident with yourself and keep your snide comments to yourself. I don't care if you're a size 14, so don't care that I'm a size 0.

And that's the tea, sis.

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Stop Being So Sensitive About EVERYTHING... #SorryNotSorry

Be mad, I honestly don't care.


Kevin Hart's jokes about homosexuality and Ellen's remarks supporting him. Trump making just about any comment he makes. Kendal Jenner's proactive commercial. Football players kneeling for the National Anthem. Seeing something on Twitter and sending it to a friend to complain about.

Did any of these things come off as insensitive to you? Were you offended or bothered by any of these people's comments? Stop being so fucking sensitive.

Are you bothered? Was that too harsh for you? I don't know what really happened in our society, but it's like a switch was flipped and speaking your mind become a taboo.

Kids are overly sensitive, their parents are easily offended, and it's starting an ongoing cycle of people who take things way too seriously or are just looking for something to get mad about.

When you look for something to get mad about, you're going to find it.

Why can't we look for things to be happy about? It's so much easier for us to be mad and think the world is against us, so we look to blame others for making us feel the way that we do.

Apparently, having an opinion and cracking a joke has become offensive. When you go after someone being blunt and having their opinion, you're just letting it show that you can't handle anyone disagreeing with you.

People need to accept the fact that not everyone is going to agree with you and you aren't going to agree with everyone. Honestly, if you want your opinion to get more notice, you should present them as bluntly as possible. Want to know why? Because people are just looking for something to be mad about and are going to really flare up if they feel you were too harsh.

Have your opinions and viewpoints and stand by them, regardless of whether people are too sensitive to hear them or not. We shouldn't have to sugarcoat everything for everyone all of the time.

Be unapologetically yourself.

Stop being mad at people on Twitter who you don't even know and be more focused on the people who are actually in your life. When someone makes a joke, they are joking. They are joking about a certain topic because they think that whatever that topic may be has now become normalized so people shouldn't be offended by it.

When you sit at home and joke with your family and friends, you get personal. You get personal with your jokes because everyone understands it's a joke. It's a joke. It's a joke. It's a joke. Stop being offended by jokes.

There is literally no purpose to it other than you looking for something to be irritated about. Stop making people feel the need to apologize for being lighthearted and honest. If you are comfortable and confident in yourself, when someone jokes about you it shouldn't bother you. Making people feel bad about something they didn't mean as an insult is pointless because they're only apologizing to make you feel good about yourself. Just already feel good about yourself and be strong in that!

People are bullies and troublemakers in your life because you let them be. You can't be pushed around if you don't move when they push you. What I mean by that is, stop being so bothered about what other people think of you and just be bothered about things that actually matter to you.

It's okay to laugh at yourself! If someone comes up to me cracking jokes about me, most likely I'm going to join in because I know its a joke. A bully and someone joking are two completely different people though. When someone is joking, you know they are. Stop turning it into something bigger than it is.

Careless about people who don't bring you anything but a bad attitude and argument. Stop apologizing for being blunt and speaking your mind. We don't have to sugar-coat everything for everyone all the time.

Realize that sometimes, jokes are funny and that's all there is to it. If we can't laugh at ourselves, then we are taking life way too seriously.

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