10 Things Every Girl Who Looks Younger Than Her Age Has Been Through, Without A Doubt

10 Things Every Girl Who Looks Younger Than Her Age Has Been Through, Without A Doubt

One day we'll appreciate it, but right now, not so much.


You're that person that has looked the same age since you were 12, and it sucks. Not much has changed other than the fact that you're officially no longer a minor, but nobody would know that based solely on your looks. Does that sound about right? Be calm, it's not all that bad. Here are some things (good and bad) all of us baby-faced, short girls can relate to.

1. Being the only one in your friend group that gets carded

While all your friends glide right past the bouncer because they are super hot, tall, and look 5 years older than they really are, of course, you're the only one that gets stopped to show proof of your age because you're short and look like you're five.

2. Everyone always says how you'll be thankful for looking younger when you're 50

Yeah, OK, and? Right now I'm a 21-year-old that could pass for 15, and I really don't want to hear that I won't be thankful for that until I'm half-way dead.

3. Strangers automatically assume your younger sibling is multiple years older than you

While the irrelevant stranger feels the need to state how they would've never guessed you're the older one, you just smile at them while imagining you actually saying what's really on your mind.

4. The bartender gives you a confused look when you go up and order a drink

They probably think you're playing a weird joke on them because right now they are thinking, "there's no way this girl is of age." Well, guess what, bartender, I am. And now I feel weird just trying to exercise my legal rights.

5. Makeup is the only thing that can make you look a slight bit older

Unfortunately, you have to smack as much product on your face as you can just so you can look a little bit closer to your actual age.

6. You can still get away with ordering off the kids menu sometimes

This comes in handy when you have $20 in your bank account, but you really want to save some money at the restaurants.

7. When you're walking in a group of 5th graders, you blend right in

It's one thing looking young and a whole other when you're also short. Double whammy. Great. More reason for people to believe that maybe you really are a 5th grader.

8. You can still shop in the kids department

Have you ever been looking at a pair of shoes that was extremely overpriced, but find the same exact pair in the kid's section for $20 cheaper? Yeah, that's a huge pro of looking younger and being shorter than the average.

9. Everyone makes fun of how close you sit to the steering wheel

It never fails, whenever people get into your car they have to ask, "How do you see over the steering wheel?" or "Is it really necessary to sit that close to the wheel?" Well, I don't know, why don't you try being 5 feet and driving?

10. You have caught yourself showing patterns of "Napoleon syndrome"

Even though you're not a man, so short man syndrome doesn't exactly apply, sometimes people just don't take you seriously enough due to your young appearance and short stature. So, this might cause you to get a little frustrated at times and try to compensate. Oops. Sorry, not sorry.

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Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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10 Gifts Every Girl Who's Trying To Adult Should Add To Their Christmas List This Year

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Here are some great gift ideas for the girl who is starting her life as an adult! These are just some basic essentials that can help you at least fake it 'till you make it!

1. A crock pot

There are going to be many days where you just want to make an easy meal an then come home from a long day and have it all cooked and ready. A crock pot is perfect for this and you can even make amazing desserts. Crockpots are typically on a super sale on Black Friday so be on the lookout for that.

2. A nice knife

There is nothing more aggravating then wanting to cook a nice meal for your self and getting hand cramps every other second because your Walmart knives can't cut through a piece of chicken. Although sometimes a nice knife or knife set can be expensive, it will be a great investment because you won't need to buy a new knife every year.

3. A pair of rain boots

There is nothing worse than waking up on a rainy day knowing you are about to be soaked when you walk outside. Whether its Hunter boots, Sperrys, Duck Boots or just Target rain boots get to wear out in the rain besides Vans. There is nothing worse than walking around in wet shoes all day.

4. A reliable computer

Although this is a more expensive gift, having a reliable computer is extremely important! If you can't rely on your computer you won't be able to get your work or school work done and you could lose important documents and it will cause a lot of extra

5. An e-reader

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6. A blender

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7. Business clothes

In the next few years of your life, you are bound to end up somewhere that you need to have business attire. Whether it is a presentation at school, an interview, or maybe even a headshot photo it is critical to have a nice outfit stowed away in your closet.

8. A quality portable charger

For those of us who are always on the go, it is really nice to have a portable charger, especially one that holds multiple charges. This is such an easy gift to ask for and they are always on sale at Christmas time. Once you get one you'll never go back to your dead phone days!

9. A reusable water bottle

Whether it is a Swell, Hydroflask, or just an insulated bottle off Amazon, a reusable water bottle is so crucial to everyday life! Hopefully, you want one to help save the environment but a nice water bottle could also keep your water cold all day long which is perfect for those of us who are always super busy.

10. Stocks.

This may sound like a silly present and although it is not something tangible that you can have Christmas morning, it is something your future self will thank you for. Instead of having a relative buy you a present you don't really need, you should have them invest some of their money into a stock for you. Then over the years, you can watch your money grow in the market and sell it whenever need be. If you're on the road to adulating you might as well start with investing in your future.

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