Man, shit has changed.

Yes, that means with school, age, extracurricular activities, and a bunch of other things in life. But what has really changed, and what has really shocked me the most is how my health has changed. Ya see, many people only know what's on the outside: an incredibly skinny, fit-looking girl who can wear most anything and have no problems finding any clothes. But, you know what? That's not the case. There's far more to it.

I was the girl who was notorious for going to the gym four or five times a week for years. Weight-lifting and sports were defining aspects of my high school athletic career and my freshman year of college escape. I always found time to keep myself in shape. It wasn't just to get the physical appearance that I had wanted but to also let my mind focus on the music that was pounding in my ears and the adrenaline flowing through as I increased the amount of weight I would lift each week.

I couldn't tell you the last time I went to the gym. Sure, things in life have become a lot busier. But, I lost that passion that made me find the time and drive to go so often. I loved it, and now the thought of stepping into the gym is far-fetched. In my mind, I tell myself that I am going to get back to it, that I need it to keep me sane with the craziness of my upcoming college schedule. But, will that actually happen?

The point is, I may look skinny and fit on the outside, but when I tell you that walking up the stairs now leaves me out of breath, I'm sure I'm leaving some people speechless. It's the truth. The girl who used to be able to sprint from home plate to first base in a matter of seconds to beat out a bunt can't even manage a task that consumes her daily life. You would think that that would be enough motivation to get back to the gym, but it hasn't been. It isn't just what you see on the outside that counts. Even the most fit-looking people aren't the healthiest. That's not to say that I try and eat healthily (some of the time). But, there is certainly a change that has to be made.

Don't be so quick to judge a person for their appearance. You'll never know just how they feel on the outside. Health isn't just about the physicality. It's about the mentality, sanity, and emotional attachment to the gym. There is nothing more rewarding than having a workout or eating a healthy meal and thinking, "Wow, I feel so good."

Yes, I may be skinny, but I certainly am not the healthiest. And this is the first step in the return to the gym.