Look Back Just Don’t Stare Too Long

I know that you believe with every inch of your heart that he owes something. Your time, patience, tears and every single thought you spent on him when you were nowhere to be found in his mind. I know you spend most of your days reliving the past like a broken record player and the song has gotten old. I know you are stuck on everything that could have been but never was.

I know your spending your days staring in the rearview mirror when you know that's how accidents happen. I know that you are here with me in the present but you've been looking back at the past and you have the tendency to stare too long. I know it was never your intention to fall back into old chapters. You are only human, a body filled with veins that carry emotion just as much as they do blood. But you have fallen so in love with your pain, you can't leave it behind.

You are here now, be present and let the past be just that. Go ahead and take a walk down memory lane when needed but don't bring those thoughts back to life. Notice what life is giving you now and stop lingering on what it has taken. Surrender all attachments to people and things that you have been battling to hold on to. Stop trying to make something happen out of anger or pain and let karma do its job.

There was a purpose in your pain, but you are trying to hold on to something that has already been fulfilled. It only makes sense to let it go. Snap out of your stare and come back here with me, there are far better things to look forward to than the things that scatter the road behind you.

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