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4 Quotes That I Guarantee Will Lift Up Your Spirits

Call me cheesy if you want.

4 Quotes That I Guarantee Will Lift Up Your Spirits
Fatima Cuenco

I always knew that words had so much power in them. From poems that came from Enlightenment philosophers to movies and President Barack Obama's speeches, the words managed to be present in this world through their magnitudes.

When I learned how to write in a fancy sort of way (think calligraphy but not really calligraphy), I found a calming activity. I would collect pens (they're on my Christmas list, so like yeah I expect pens for me). Quotes that would stick to me finally became more than reading them- I used this new way of writing to write down some of these quotes.

Reaching university taught me these because behind this lesson was a lesson about my mental health. These helped me stay away from the darkness that clouded my mind (this and my friends, but they already know I love them). They helped take the stress away with every stroke. Time seemed to slow down for me so that I could step back without feeling like the whole world was going to collapse if I did. Below, I have compiled a list of some of these quotes. I really do hope these words help!

1. "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

Ooh magic!

The character Albus Dumbledore says this in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." This part of the "Harry Potter" series introduces us to Patronuses (mine is a dolphin if you were wondering), which are guardians against dementors. If you've never read or watched any "Harry Potter," Dementors are these entities that, simply put, suck the life out of someone. The only way to get rid of them is to conjure a Patronus, but it's not that easy in that the wizard/witch would have to produce enough positivity within their minds. A way to do this would be to summon happy memories. How powerful is it that your own happiness protects you against darkness? So powerful! The message then becomes clear that in the darkest of times, we have the power to turn on the light through our happiness.

It takes a lot of energy to think of something happy when all the anxiety and stress just outweigh your light. The strength it takes to step back and breathe amazes me. In the midst of midterms, papers, and finals, the stress and its anxiety friend sure do try to cloud my mind. I'd be walking around campus with a head that feels full because of these. Whenever I look at this quote, however, I'm reminded of the happiness that's grown since meeting my friends. I step back with the light telling me that it's okay to do so.

2. "You are enough. You are so enough. It is unbelievable how enough you are."

Yup! It's so true!


Quoted from Sierra Boggess, my best friend would always tell me this (well, not always, because yeah I'm a queen on most days). The moment I start comparing myself to others, I would think of this quote. There's no grand story that forms the foundation of this quote shutting off the negativity- it just does.

3. "Do not be afraid, I am with you."

Proud of you, babe


It's crazy how much of myself forgot my faith because of the stress and anxiety. Especially during finals week, so much was going on that I wasn't able to pause and think of it. Then all of a sudden, those words popped up- I forgot if I saw them on a post in my social media or if it just randomly appeared in my mind. In any case, my mind went in ease. I was with my friends, but seeing those words suddenly made the feeling of not being alone stronger. For me, the quote comforted me in that it told me that God was with me. I wasn't alone, and I've been chanting this whenever I feel anxious. It reminds me that I'm here for a reason and that God and everyone else in my life are here to pick me up.

We got each other's backs!

4. A Poem by Lin-Manuel Miranda

What a precious being


Long story short, I can be vulnerable to the point of sobbing on the phone heh. My best friend sent me a Tweet from Lin-Manuel Miranda. It was a poem, and it goes like this:


I don't know how to tell you this,


you're not perfect.

You never will be.

You keep growing and messing up and learning

And your quirks become strengths

You are SO much better than perfect, love"

This is a quote for the imperfections- for the mistakes. When I say that "Spring Quarter finals week was rough," it was rough. Seeing this quote told me that I wasn't alone in making mistakes. It meant that I was okay with choosing to be human first.

I don't know what your situation is. I can't just tell you to just smile. I can't take away all the negativities away, but I hope me sharing these quotes that lifted my spirits lift up your spirits. I can be a bit cheesy, I know; but eh, you love me anyway.

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