It has been over 20 days since the government shutdown, with no end in sight. There are thousands of people that are working without getting paid. I know if I had a job where I wasn't getting paid, I don't think that I would still come into work every day. I was traveling over winter break and all of the TSA people were at work, but they were not getting paid. They came to work because they know that people would not be able to travel if they were not there. So I want to thank all of the employees that are still coming to work every day despite not being paid.

But more importantly, this government shutdown needs to be stopped. Our president needs to grow up and realize that the decision about the wall being built is not something that is going to come easily. But that we do not need to be in a government shutdown until the decision is reached. This shutdown is affecting hundreds of thousands of people, with no money, no food, and no way to pay for where they are living. Now the president wants to call a national emergency all because of the wall not being built. It seems to me that this is his way of acting out because he is not getting his way. This is ridiculous, all because he is not getting his wall built.

I do not see an ending to this shutdown any time soon because neither side wants to give a little bit. Both sides need to compromise so this shutdown can end and the people can start getting paid again.

Our president has been in office for about 2 years, and this is his third government shutdown and this current shutdown will be the longest in history.

This shutdown is all because he is not getting his way with the wall, he is being a child and throwing a temper tantrum. This tantrum has gotten way out of hand and a government shutdown or a national emergency is not a way to handle the fact that he is not getting his way with the wall being built. This wall is something that not everyone agrees on and it is not fair for our country to be suffering because no one can agree.