The Truth About Long Distance Friendships

The Truth About Long Distance Friendships

I appreciate the times and memories we shared at a young age because as we now get older, everything changes.

Having long distance friendships is bittersweet. Getting older, you shortly become busier and busier with life. When you’re a young adult maintaining school, a job, homework, etc., it’s hard to see your friends that you have been friends with forever, especially if they go to school far away.

I met my best friend in 8th grade, we clicked right away. I knew from the start that this friendship would last forever. It wasn’t always perfect, we have gotten in our fair share of fights just like everyone has, but we still always find a way to figure it out because we are best friends. We have had countless sleepovers, secret telling, putting on makeup, and we would always find something to do, it was never a dull time with her. Having her as a friend means everything to me. Having someone you can rely on and count on to always be there for you during the hard times and the good times, is pretty great. She always gives me her honest opinion on everything even if I don’t want to hear it. Friendships are something I take in value of, and I would never want to take that for granted. I appreciate the times and memories we shared at a young age because as we now get older, everything changes.

We use to talk to each other or see each other everyday because we would either be in school or be living 5 minutes away from each other. We would always be at one house or the other. Her mom felt like my second mom and we know everything about each other. I decided to stay close to home for school to save money and because I felt as if I wasn’t prepared to be in a larger school, my best friend on the other hand wanted to go to school three hours away. I had a sense of jealousy because I wouldn’t get to be with her as much anymore and other people would. I want her to do what makes her happy and I will always support my best friend with anything, so if that made her happy, I wanted her to do it. We now don’t talk as much, get to see each other as much, she’s no longer 5 minutes away, and I wish I could say it was easy. I know she is always a phone call or FaceTime away. But it’s now always exciting to hear when she is coming home because when we do get together, it’s like nothing has changed.

I look forward to sitting in the car listening to Taylor Swift with our Taco Bell in front of us, talking for hours, even if it’s not every other day anymore. I look forward to it each time I hear she’s coming home. The simplest things I now cherish and I know I will have these memories forever.

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18 Things That Happen When You Get A Good Roommate

Not every roommate story is a bad one.

Whenever you hear about roommate stories, they're almost never good, and they usually scare you into never wanting a roommate. "Did you hear her roommate steals her clothes?" "Her roommate doesn't shower!" "Wow, her roommate doesn't talk at all, and doesn't do laundry." From what I hear, there are more bad stories than good. That is why I consider myself lucky, because my roommate is nothing like one of those bad stories. When life hands you a good roommate after talking to about 40 girls through Facebook, a few things happen.

1. You always have someone to talk to.

2. You know each other's schedules, and whenever you both have a break is an exciting time.

3. You'll never have to dance alone.

4. You always have someone to do something with, even if it's just walking down the hall.

5. You both look out for each other, because this is your first time without your parents.

6. You always have a shoulder to lean on when things get tough.

7. Borrowing each other's things is a daily thing.

8. You TRY to help with each other's homework and assignments.

9. They're encouraging when it comes to boys. (Unless they're a f*ckboy.)

10. They're your biggest support system and your personal cheerleader.

11. They never forget to wish you luck on a big exam.

12. They accept how gross you are in the morning and not so pleasant sometimes.

13. You both know each other's favorite and least favorite things.

14. Leaving each other notes saying goodbye before class if you don't see them is normal.

15. Saying goodbye for breaks is upsetting.

16. Not seeing them all day is upsetting.

17. You have more pictures together than any of your other friends.

18. You found a best friend for life.

Cover Image Credit: Jordan Griffin

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3 Tips To Help Maintain A Healthy Long Distance Relationship

Just trust me on this.


Long distance relationships have a stigma surrounding them that claims "they're too much work," "they'll end up in those involved cheating," or "they just don't work." While some of these complaints have been known to happen, I'm here to explain to you that they are generally wrong. That's right, ladies. If he really loves you, he will give the long distance scenario a shot.

There are three ways to make a long distance relationship work, and as a young girl who is obsessed with her long-distance boyfriend of a year and a half, I can safely say these are, in fact, the glue that keeps these types of situations going.

1. There is a light at the end of the tunnel

The first way to guarantee your relationship will stay golden is to constantly have a date set where you will see your significant other in person. I am lucky enough to see my boy either every weekend, or every other weekend. I can sympathize for the truly long distance couples with longer time spans to suffer through, but I cannot say I've experienced it first hand. I just know that any time spent away from my boyfriend is awful, and having a permanent date set that is not subject to change gives us a reason to be excited and cherish the moments we do have together even more.

2. Communicate communicate communicate

I can not say it enough, constant communication is truly the number one reason Mason and I have made it this far. Whenever someone asks how we're still together, I always have the same answer; he has to be my best friend before my boyfriend. This isn't a relationship that will happen overnight, but it is definitely a foundation you need to have if you're going to make the distance work. I tell Mason everything, no matter how dumb it is. It isn't about impressing him at this point, there is literally no way I could ever be embarrassed in front of him. He knows everything and is my shoulder to cry on in any situation, making it literally impossible to ever have a reason to hide something or lie to him.

We are there for each other no matter what time it is, and we're one hundred percent committed to our relationship. It's important to remember that for seemingly difficult relationships to work (or any for that matter) you have to put in perspective that this is your potential partner for the rest of your life. This isn't just a fun fling, but a partnership meant to last longer than the season of life where you're apart.

3. Trust

This seems like a cliche tip, but trust truly is the glue that pieces everything together. You have to trust that you'll see each other on the date you agreed to. You have to trust that the communication between you two is truthful and as frequent as it can be. Trust is the hardest tip out of all of these because it takes so much time and effort to build, but can be completely ruined with one action.

Mason and I still struggle with trusting each other in new or foreign situations, but as long as we communicate and work out our concerns, our trust in each other only grows. It's a cycle that your relationship must stay on in order to continue. Trust and communication go hand in hand; while both are hard to establish, they're the only thing missing from the happy relationship you're looking for.

In conclusion, while long distance relationships require a lot of work, they're definitely not impossible. I don't know what I would do without Mason in my life, and there is absolutely no way distance could break the bond we have. No matter how hard it seems, remember that while the distance is a season of your life, your significant other could potentially be forever.

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