If you're like me and are planning on going on a road trip during your spring break, then you're probably already anticipating what to during the long trip. Road trips can be fun but tedious since it can be very easy to run out of things to do in the car. The same goes for long flights as well. There are plenty of ways that you can make the road trip more enjoyable.

Here are 10 different ways that you can pass the time on a long road trip to your destination.

1. Bring an iPad to watch movies or Netflix

Apple iPad

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Watching shows or movies is the perfect way to pass time during a long trip! If you don't have Netflix, then you can buy movies through iTunes or buy Blu-ray movies, which usually include a digital version of the movie. You also don't need an iPad to watch movies or Netflix. You can watch them on them on your phone, or if you have a DVD player in your car then you can use it to watch movies as well.

2. Create the perfect playlist


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Another way to make a road trip less tedious is through creating a playlist of music to listen to during the drive! Even if you're the one driving, you can still grab either your CDs or an auxiliary cord to plug your phone into so that you can listen to music during the drive. Music is a great way to make the trip more relaxing.

3. Bring lots of reading material


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If you enjoy reading and you won't be the one driving, you can grab a few books to read while you're in the car. It can also help if you wanted to read new material that you haven't had time to read during the semester. Just make sure that you aren't prone to car sickness before you attempt to read in the car.

4. Play a fun game with friends or family members

Road trip

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The best way to make a road trip seem fun is if you try out playing a car game with either your friends or family members in the car with you! There are plenty of games that are fun to play in the car such as card games, 21 Questions, or the name game. The name game is a game that involves guessing a celebrity's name, and then the next player has to guess another celebrity that starts with the same first letter of the previous celebrity's last name. For card games, you can bring a deck of cards to play Go Fish, Apples to Apples, or if you're with your college friends, you can play Cards Against Humanity. It's a great way to make the road trip more enjoyable for everyone!

5. Have a Nintendo DS or Game Boy to pass time

Nintendo Ds


If you still have a Nintendo DS from your childhood, then you should consider using it during the road trip. Game Boy and Nintendo DS are actually a great way to pass a lot of time during the road trip. They are also small, which makes them easy to use when traveling since they take up little space in the car.

6. Bring a journal or notebook for writing


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If you enjoy writing stories, poems, or journal entries, then you should consider writing during the road trip. Again, you shouldn't attempt it if you know that you are prone to car sickness. If you aren't, then it's a great way to practice writing and creating new ideas for writing material!

7. Try coloring in an adult coloring book

Adult Coloring

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If you enjoy coloring, then you should consider buying an adult coloring book! They are a great way of passing the time during a road trip, and they are also great for eliminating any stress. It's also a fun way to use your creative skills!

8. Take long naps

Sleeping in cars

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If you had to get up early to embark on the road trip, then another way to pass time is by taking naps! You would not believe how much time this can take out of a long road trip! Unless you're like me and can't really take naps, then sleeping during a long road trip is another great way to pass time during your trip.

9. Create a vacation itinerary


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One other way that you can enjoy the long road trip is through taking the time to create a vacation itinerary! This is where you can write down what you will do once you make it to your destination. You can also manage how much time you'll spend on each activity so that you can plan a schedule for what to do during the day. You can also create one for places that you can visit during your road trip on the way to your final destination!

10. Consider taking a crossword, word search, or Hidoku puzzle


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Lastly, if you're like me and love completing puzzles, then you should consider buying a puzzle to complete during the road trip! The most popular ones are crosswords, word searches, and Haduki puzzles. If you forgot to buy a paper copy puzzle, then you can get any of these puzzles through an app on your phone or device. Puzzles are a great way to get your mind working and to combat any boredom during a long road trip.

Take it from someone who goes on a family road trip every summer, road trips can be fun if you can figure out ways to combat boredom during the trip!