Thank You Brother ...
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Thank You Brother ...

A much needed thank you :)

Thank You Brother ...
sara schmidt

To my only brother:

Dear Brother,

As you open this article up, don't skim it. I know you will, but can you not and just sit back and read this word for word like you do with everything else!
Okay, well if you're still reading this then you probably agreed to sitting back and taking your time to read this article. Here's what I want to say to you so grab a snack and listen to what I have to say:
Bro, when you first found out you were having a little sister and having to deal with a older sister as well you were probably thinking great, my life is surrounded by girls! However, you did have dad another man in the house. You probably thought I was an annoying baby sister. Who cried a lot to the point I aggravated you when you had to go to school and woke up early. I'm sorry I did that to you, I was quite a baby to deal with. Yet honestly as I grew up and finding out I had a older brother and sister I was like "I'm not the only child thank goodness," because I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Even though you were the only "boy /son" in the house and you probably wished there was another boy that you could've played with instead having to deal with two sisters! On the other hand I was quite surprised with you bro! You took me under your wing and showed me the ropes of how mom and dad worked. You kept me in line so I wouldn't get yelled at. Yet at times we both knew I would get into mischief here and there because the baby aka the littlest of the family usually gets labeled the trouble maker. When I got yelled at by mom or dad for doing something you were by my side and kept me smiling and happy. You calmed me down when I cried and we use to goof off to.You would take the blame for things I did at times, so I wouldn't get yelled at. Then I would do the same or we both would take the blame. Bro, also even though we fought a lot, fight, and get on each other's nerves you never stop giving me unconditional love that all or just some siblings do. You were there when I got sick, you were there when I had to go to the hospital for certain reasons, you held my hand in and out of a doctor's offices and hospital. Still, to this day I remember you held me by your side and held my hand and watched me closely so I wouldn't pass out from the day I had to get my stitches done and then the day they had to come out. You watched me, got me Gatorade, and got me a stuffed animal so I would have a smile on my face. Bro, thank you for always being there for me during the days that I was sick or injured. Thank you for always getting my homework and missed work from school so I wouldn't be behind in my school work if I was ill or hurt. Thank you for calming me down when we took the wrong school bus! Thank you for always being by my side every school year when we were in elementary school throughout jr high and high school. Thank you for sticking up for me when someone was saying something about me or was being mean to me! You were my protector and my hero. Thank you for letting me sit with you at lunch; if I had no friends at that lunch time to sit with! Thank you for introducing me to your friends! Thank you for taking my extra juice boxes that I couldn't finish, thanks for giving me money if I wanted a certain, snack at lunch or hot lunch money if I didn't like what mom packed me! Shh...don't let mom know lol. Thanks brother for helping me with studying, writing essays, planning essays, and doing class projects! Oh...thanks for helping me understand books and helping me with book reports!!! Plus ,You were a great help in my history and English classes for sure! Thanks brother for summarizing information for me from my textbooks and thanks for helping me with homework. Also when every first day of school occurred thank you for wishing me luck and when it was the first day of high school, thank you for showing me the ropes of high school and introducing me to the teachers and your friends. Bro, thank you for always lending me some money when I didn't have enough for something that I wanted! I know that I owe you money but thank you for always lending me some and thanks for treating me here and there. In addition, when dad was in the hospital thank you for always calming me down and telling me everything was going to be "okay". Moreover, thanks for helping me get through final exams and state testing. In addition,Brother, thank you for cheering my team and I for all of our soccer games both rec and competitive. I am so thankful to have you as my brother ! I always appreciated you cheering me on and when we were going to the finals and you wore the same shirt twice over two days because you thought the shirt was lucky for our team. Wearing that shirt twice and having it on you for the final game we won it. I am not sure how though but we did it as underdogs as you say. I am also thankful for you helping me choose my college professors for me and helping me choose classes to take. You were a stress reliever for sure. Thank you for always supporting me with my photography and my career changes. Thanks for always taking a photo for me when I ask you. Thank you for supporting me in unified basketball ! and being there at my games. Thank you for giving me rides to places I wanted to go to ! Thank you for treating me here and there. Thank you for the unconditional love bro and for being by my side for the good and bad times. I love you so much bro! Thank you for giving me a shoulder to cry on and someone to lean on with times of struggle. I could say a lot more but words will never tell you how much I love you bro and appreciate you. Your a amazing brother and I am glad your my only brother.

Well if you stayed and read this whole article, I appreciate it ! As it took me a long time to write this. No matter what I love you bro!!! No fight or anyone can change that! No one can split us apart or bring us down. Our brother and sister relationship will never break.........:) Were strong and having a older sister as well helps keep our sibling relationship / bond strong!!!

I love you Bro !

And thank you for reading this !!!

I hope you love it and I hope you know how much I love having you as my older brother!

P.S Thanks for being the protective brother and keeping your eyes out for me, making sure no one messes with me ! Thank you for treating me like a princess on my birthdays !!! Thank you for your big brother hugs :)
<3 Love your lil sis :) !
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