Communication Is An Absolute Priority In A Long Distance Relationship

If you have ever been in a long-distance relationship you know how important it is to spend quality time with your significant other. Unfortunately, due to the fact that your relationship is long-distance, this in-person quality time with each other is so rare. This makes the few times you do get to see each other incredibly special and meaningful as you can make the absolute most of every moment you get to spend with each other.

Nevertheless, no relationship can survive long-distance if you only rely on those few times a year that you get to see each other. Communication is so incredibly important to strengthen and build your relationship and this is something that needs to happen every day, not just once a month, or whenever you are lucky enough to get to actually be with each other.

In today's world, it is relatively easy to find ways to communicate over long-distance. Social media and technology are literally with us everywhere we go, making it so incredibly simple to keep in contact with our friends and significant others no matter the distance.

Honestly, this should go without saying, but you should WANT to talk to your significant other. It should make you happy to send them a good morning or good night text, to SnapChat them something from your day or to call them on your lunch break. And conversely, it should make you sad to consider the distance and how little you get to see each other, causing you to WANT to find other ways to make it through the time apart. Just because you can't be physically in each other's presence does not mean that you cannot still find ways to "be" together.

And if you don't feel sad when you don't communicate on a regular basis, quite honestly, you should really consider whether or not this is the right person for you to be in a relationship with. Are you okay not talking to some of your best friends for long periods of time? What if the person was living in the same place as you? Would it still be acceptable for you to not hear from them or see them for the same period of time?

Inevitably, if you don't hear from your boyfriend or girlfriend for several says at a time, you end up missing out on so much of their life. Without check up texts and calls, what kind of relationship are you really in? Communication shows that you are invested. Communication shows the person that they are loved and that their happiness matters to you. It's that emotional connection and investment that truly builds trust.

So stop making excuses for when you don't hear from your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend for several days at a time. Yes, you're long-distance, so you have a lot of challenges to overcome to sustain your relationship, but communication is not something that should be lacking. It takes five seconds to send a text message. Scheduling a skype date is the same as scheduling an in-person date, except you don't have to leave your living room. Making communication a priority might seem obvious, but it's also a daily choice that ultimately shows that your significant other is a priority to you.

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