9 Reasons Going To The Movies Alone Is More Liberating Than It Is Embarrassing

Going to the movies is practically a pastime. You go with a giant group of friends, buy drinks by the large popcorn container, and settle down to watch the latest premiere. But soon, your friend's schedules don't line up anymore or they have other priorities that aren't movies. Ever been scared to go to a movie alone? It's not that bad.

1. You don't have to fight over which movie to watch.

Maybe there are too many options to choose from, or maybe you really just can't decide on which movie to watch. Watch a movie alone and you'll be there to watch the movie you want to see.

2. Sneaking between movies is easy.

Everything is easier when you don't have an accomplice.

3. Choosing a seat is effortless.

As long as you don't mind squishing in between happy couples and large groups, you'll still be able to get a prime seat any time of day.

4. You can go to the movies whenever you want.

It could be ten in the morning and you want to go catch that movie that starts at noon? Go ahead. No one's stopping you, and you don't have to wait for anyone's schedules to line up with yours, either.

5. You don't have to share your snacks.

You paid for those snacks. No one's getting their hands on them unless they pay up, too.

6. There's no one to provide their opinions.

Maybe you're that friend who always leans over to provide their opinion, but if you're not, watching a movie without someone that constantly talks through it is a nice change.

7. When you leave the theater is up to you.

Some fools leave as soon as the credits on a Marvel movie roll. Others leave after the first post-credit scene. Seasoned veterans wait to see all of the credits. And if you're not watching a Marvel movie, if you want to sit in your seat and try and process what you've seen, there's no one pressuring you to leave.

8. Bragging rights

You've seen the movie. They haven't. It's kind of simple, really.

9. It quickly becomes the norm.

Once you see a movie on your own for the first time, it gets less scary every time you do it afterwards. Soon, you'll be seeing movies on your own like a pro. Don't forget to start packing your own drinks, too.

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