Logan, Our Teacher.
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Logan, Our Teacher.

What He Means To Us.

Logan, Our Teacher.
Screen Rant

I don't know how to start this one. I hope you help me out, so here I go. There are many fictitious men that I love. There is one in particular that is worthy of the attention of adults/kids everywhere. He has luscious short black hair, terrible sideburns, and a rated-R attitude that sometimes gets him in trouble with Professor X. He goes by many names: Wolverine, Logan, James Howlett. Is this too much of a tribute for a non-real entity? Perhaps. But I will keep writing anyway, specially after seeing "Logan." This is the newest Marvel movie centralized in Wolverine. This is also Hugh Jackman's last portrayal of the comic character. Get ready to cry.

What does this guy mean to us? If you are in your twenties, then you definitely understand the emotional wrecks we have become. Here we have many one of America's anti-heroes from the comics subculture. More importantly, he is the best at what he does, but what he does isn't very nice. This God is not afraid to use excessive force when excessive force is needed. His brooding attitude make him relatable to everyone who watches him. And let's face it: he is the reason why at some point we wanted adamantium in our skeletons.

Like all the great heroes, he was born on a time of need. He was born before the Vietnam War ended. I don't know what was the intention, but I like to think it was because we needed a reminder that it only gets tougher. And so should we, specially when you lose your memories. That's the other thing: him losing his memories makes me root for him even more.

But good things most somehow come to an end. Nine installments of the X-Men film series and 17 years later, Jackman has called it quits. Unless a movie involving the Avengers is made. In that case, he has to do it. As a spoiler, in his newest movie, Logan and Charles have to protect Laura. Who is Laura? That's for you to find out. In this one we see him as vulnerable as ever. "Logan" is the X-Men movie you all wanted to see. It will get all up in your feelings, though. And you wouldn't have it any other way. So if you have some respect left in you, go and bid our Hero farewell the way he deserves.

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