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    I was born in Manhattan, New York, to Dominican-Italian parents. They are a bit more Dominican then Italian, of course, so don't ask me if we eat seven fishes on Christmas, because sadly we don't. Are we loud? Yes. Do we celebrate Epiphany on January 6th? Absolutely. But we barely know how to say La Vita E Bella, so don't get your hopes up. I've been in speech therapy since age two. At the age of five, I moved to Santo Domingo de Guzmán. I was raised there until the age of thirteen when I came back to New York and attended Manhattan Bridges High School. While a student at MBHS I became interested in robotics and biology, and pursued a summer internship in his sophomore year with Dr. Ethel Tobach. The renowned scientist told him about the stuttering organization (formerly Our Time), which gave me my first taste of writing and theater. This eventually inspired me to become an English major and a theater minor at St. Joseph's College, Brooklyn campus. I am also an active brother of the Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity and a work-study student in the Campus Ministry Office. I am interested in this internship position because my passion for writing is greater than any other. Even though I don't know much in terms of editorial, I want to say with all honesty that I want to learn as much as possible from you in term of it. I believe this experience can lead me to the opportunity of finding the right path towards the artistic field of writing. My classes have contributed to my experience as a publish writer. My English professors, in fact, were the ones to inspire me to write for the ACES Blog (, which is also where you can find most of my writing. My writing involves short stories, plays, and play reviews. As an English major, part of my experience have been tutoring my friends and editing their papers on MLA style. I am fully aware that I haven't finished my undergraduate career, but I still think this would be amazing opportunity. My joy for the art increased when my English Senior class published a book called 21 Roads, 9 Countries, 1 Bridge. It was a compilation of the class's college essays. I want to work for the Odyssey because I believe it can contribute to my experience as a writer. I want to learn as much as I can from them.

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