Living With A Younger Brother

Living With A Younger Brother

"Get Out Of My Room!"

You were either really happy or really sad when you found out you were going to have a little brother. But for better or for worse, your life certainly has been changed since they were born.

Some of you may only have a one year difference between you and your brother (s) or others may have up to a ten year difference. Having a younger brother makes life interesting for sure. There are moments when they annoy the heck out of you but there are moments where you're proud to be the big sibling.

I was always overprotective of my brother when we were younger. I also made sure he was on the bus with me or that he knew what was going on. There is a natural instinct about being an older sibling and protecting your younger ones. And it is something that never really changes.

Until the younger sibling starts to look like the older sibling. I stopped growing about six years ago while my brother that is three years younger than me continues to grow. People would ask him on my college tours if he was the one that was going into college. The worst is when people think he is my comment on that one.

As they get older they also seem to forget the concept of how to be quiet. My brother slams every door in the morning, even on the weekends when he is up before me. Boys are just loud humans in general so don't expect to be able to sleep in soundly in the weekends.

As a sibling, you feel proud and happy when your younger sibling does something great. As an avid baseball player, my brother has experienced winning championship games and is an overall great athlete. It is exciting to be at one of his games and watch him do well. It is a proud older sister moment. Whether your younger brother plays sports, acts, or plays an instrument, it is nice to watch them grow and succeed in life.

So there will always be the days where you "wish they were never born". But as you get older you will come to appreciate your younger brother or brothers and all of their habits. And remember that they look up to you as the older sibling so set a good example.

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11 Telltale Signs You're The Youngest Sibling

I mean, isn't it obvious?


It seems there is a certain stereotype for each order of sibling: oldest, middle, and youngest. My family consisted of three children so all of the stereotypes were fulfilled. I was the youngest with six years in between my sister and I and five years in between with my brother. Something in me could always spot out a fellow youngest child so what was it?

1. "Aren't you (insert older sibling's name)'s little brother/sister?"

Yes. I also have a separate identity and my very own name! Wanna hear it? I went through my whole high school experience with my teachers and coaches looking at my last name and immediately asking about my older brother or older sister. I couldn't go to softball practice without mention of my brother or go to cheer without mention of my sister. My coach also said I cheered exactly like my sister which made me cringe back then, but now I am a little proud to be like her. *cue heart-warming music in the distance*

2. Hearing your siblings' many stories starting with "you don't remember this"

There have been countless times where my siblings have laughed to the point of tears while telling me a story about when I was younger and I just look at them like they're on happy drugs sometimes. They're favorite is one year for my Easter, my family went out to a restaurant. My siblings told me a pimento was just a green grape and when I plopped it in my mouth, I spit it back out into the salad bowl (that was being passed around the table) after it was mostly chewed. Guess you had to be there to giggle about it.

3. Everyone automatically thinks you are spoiled

OK, maybe this one is a little true. You were your parent's last baby, they wanted to make sure that you were happy. You'll never flat out admit it though.

4. Being the experiment for any of your siblings' boredom

Whenever my sister's cheer friends would come over, they would stunt in our backyard. I would always be the flyer because I was the smallest. It didn't matter how scared I was or if I already preoccupied, my sister would drag me outside to pop me from a full. My brother would try out wrestling moves on me and "Batista Bomb" me in the middle of our living room floor. He almost broke my arm one day and made me promise not to tell our mom.

5. Your parents constantly saying the wrong child's name

I have even been called by my dog's name on more than one occasion. That's what happens when you have kids. "Leah! Joey! Bo!" "Mom, it's Cara." "I was going to say you next!"

6. The only photo album you have is probably at your grandparent's house

All my baby pictures were taken by my grandparents. My parents were kind of over the cuteness after baby number three and didn't think I would enjoy any sentimental pictures of myself as an infant. Guess who has three baby photo albums and a school photo album with everything filled out? If you guessed the oldest child, then you are correct.

7. You don't like to admit it, but you do get away with more than your siblings did

My oldest sister's curfew was pretty early in the night, then my brother's pushed a little later, while I had no curfew at all. I always thought it was because I was a pretty well-behaved child, but I realized my parents just didn't care. As long as I came home eventually and didn't die, they were cool with it.

8. You're extremely wiser than your siblings

I witnessed all of my brother's and sister's mistakes (plus the outcomes) and made sure not to repeat them. Thanks for paving the way for me, guys!

9. You're immune to roasts

Of course, they weren't called roasts back then, but you can take your friends dissing you like a pro after spending all of your childhood hearing your siblings call you the most clever and hurtful names in the book. Your six-year-old feelings were quite damaged, but now you can spit comebacks out at the speed of light. Try me.

10. Hand-me-downs

If your older sibling didn't fit in it, then you got it. You were definitely the thrift child. Not going to lie, I was extremely excited when I would get my sister's old clothes. I felt like a model every time I wore them even though they were years out of fashion. 00's fashion was cringe, I still killed the game.

11. "You're growing up so fast! I remember the day you were born!" — my older sibling who has known me for my whole life and sees me almost every day

My siblings sound like extended family members when they say this.

Now that you know how to spot the youngest child, can you spot the middle child or are we just going to forget about them as always?

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