I've had four roommates in my two different living arrangements: one roommate in my first house and then I lived in a four bedroom with three other girls. I can attest to the fact that roommates are both a blessing and a curse, but you will love them more than you could ever imagine. You'll make so many memories with them and become family through your time living together.

1. When you move in and you’re questioning whether or not these roommates are right for you:

2. But you learn to love them more than you ever imagined:

4. Getting ready can be hectic:

5. No one pre-games like you and your roomies:

6. When you’re all in the car jamming to your favorite music:

7. When no one has done the dishes in a week:

8. When you finally clean the whole apartment:

9. When you’ve gotten into an argument with your roomie: