I currently live with two other females in a three bedroom, three bath apartment. It sounds like there should be enough room but it feels cramp as the days go on. Sharing common areas doesn't seem too bad until someone always has company, or the dishes aren't getting washed, and food is being left in the fridge for too long, or the trash constantly keeps getting piled up.

The best thing you can do is be mindful about the mistakes that you make as a roommate yourself. If problems are occurring in your house, it is best to come together as a house and discuss the problems. Having an honest and open communication is the best way to live with other people even if you aren't friends. It is about respecting each other and our boundaries as individuals.

My advice for anyone living with a roommate is to keep the common areas clean and be mindful about the company you have and what time they come over. I believe that when cooking or using dishes in the house, you should clean up after yourself including washing dishes and wiping counters.

The fridge should be cleaned out by each person following each week so that there is enough space in there for everyone's food. Also when it comes to taking out the trash, it is best to take it out when it gets full no matter who put the most trash in it.

Living with other people is very cost efficient. It can be a great thing when roommates are like minded. The key to being the best roommate is being the most mindful person you can think of.

Being a roommate isn't easy, sometimes you don't feel like cleaning right then, or taking the trash out but you have to remember that you share the space with another person/people.