You back is a bit more important than you think it is. You don't really understand how much it helps you in your day to day life until you've hurt it. Most things you do in your life you don't have to think about. It's routine. When you hurt yourself though, you have to think about everything you do and find new ways to do it sometimes.

The beginning of 2019 upon arriving to work I took a fall on the ice. X-rays in the emergency room revealed that I have a compression fracture in my lower spine.

Let me put it this way: the spine is made up of small bones that looked like marshmallows, I squished one of my marshmallows.

I could barely sit up, I had to lean on things to walk, I was in an incredible amount of pain. Hurting my back, basically affected how I moved every part of my body. I was walking funny as my hips only let me move certain ways. I couldn't reach my arms too high or lean to reach.

I was quite useless for a few days and dependent on everyone.

I needed someone to unhook my bra, I needed help putting my pants on as well as my socks and shoes, and I needed help getting to my feet. I need to find quick and simple foods as I cannot stand for long. I lay back on the couch most of the time as even sitting up straight I cannot do for too long. I can't even lift our small dog because she weighs just a little too much.

My first time going to the grocery store I got to drive one of the little cars. It was fun and I laughed. The second time I had to do it though, I was mad. It reminded me how little I can do. That I can't even walk through the grocery store. I probably wouldn't have even made it to the first aisle before I would start aching.

My nephew comes over two days a week and my sister watched him. I can't pick him up, I can't follow him around and play with him. I can only sit there and watch.

A lot of people say you never truly appreciate what you have until it's gone. Well, it's true. I never knew I needed to appreciate my back, but it certainly plays a very important part of your life. It can be a serious issue too.

It's an injury you have to be extremely patient with or you could risk having problems for the rest of your life or surgery.

From someone who has hurt their back and waiting a few months hoping to heal right, I offer this advice, be nice to your back. Take it easy and take pain seriously. Don't push yourself and if you have constant pain or problems, see a doctor. I'm practically a couch potato at this point and it's not fun. Appreciate your back and all that it lets you do.