if these 11 things sound familiar you're probably from NC
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If These 11 Things Sound Familiar, You're Probably From North Carolina

And proud of it.

If These 11 Things Sound Familiar, You're Probably From North Carolina

There are many unique characteristics that make up our great state and the people in it.

1. TV shows like "One Tree Hill" and "Dawson's Creek" are some of our state's pride and joys.


And everyone in NC knows Naley (Nathan and Haley, obviously) are all the relationship goals we're looking for, lets be honest.

2. BBQ is it's own food group.


Sorry little piggies.

3. And everyone has agreed to disagree on which type of BBQ is the best.

<a href="https://www.fix.com/blog/regional-barbecue-styles/"><img src="https://www.fix.com/assets/content/15303/bbq-styles-001.jpg" alt="Barbecue Styles of America – Kansas City Style Barbecue" border="0" /></a><br />Source: <a href="https://www.fix.com/blog/">Fix.com Blog</a>

The two types of BBQ in NC is the vinegar style or the Lexington style and we all have our own stance on the issue.

4. But we will never all agree on who the best team is in the big rivalry. 

UNC vs. Duke Rivalry: Who Has Won More Basketball Games Between the 2 North Carolina Teams?

Except NC State. As hard as they try, they'll never be in the running between UNC and Duke.

5. And while everyone's disagreeing on the best team and BBQ, we also have to choose our favorite "Wagon Wheel" version.


Whether you like to stick to your roots and with Old Crow Medicine Show or spice things up with Darius Rucker's version (I know, even though he went to Duke), everyone has agreed it should be our State's unofficial anthem.

6. Iced tea always means sweet tea. 


7. The only place to ~really~ enjoy the fall is in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


8. The State Fair is a basically a national holiday for us.


Can't you just smell the fried butter (yes, that's a thing) and excessive calories in the air? Yum!

9. UNC fans are taught at a young age to hate Duke and visa versa.


Got to start them young, am I right?

10. Our weather patterns doesn't have a pattern to it at all.


It's somewhere between North Carizona, North Carolaska, and the North Caroamazon Rainforest on any given day.

11. There's nothing more comforting than seeing the "Welcome to North Carolina" road sign.

Mike C. via Flickr

Espeically after coming back from South Carolina, honestly.

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