Last week I reflected on what I was going to miss about living in a dorm on campus, this week I thought I should look at the opposite side of that argument - since it is so balanced.

10 things I definitely won't miss about living on campus next year:

1. Random roommates

All my roommates were lovely, I just didn't know them too well.

2. Shared bathroom

Like I said, all my roommates were lovely, but I won't miss them walking in on me in the shower or them taking an eternity in the shower.

3. Lack of resident parking

Nothing annoyed me more than coming back from work and spending 20 minutes trying to find a space in the tiny resident lot outside my dorm.

4. Dining halls

Never did I think that the dining hall horror stories would be so true and so close to me. I've always liked making my own food but I'm thrilled I won't have to deal with the dining hall food any longer!

5. Random noises at night

My building was the oldest on campus, so naturally there were going to be horror stories. I didn't think they would be so true and the noises would be so questionable. When they tear down my building this summer I hope that ghost goes with it!

6. Slamming doors

I didn't realize how angry people could be! I understand that finals can be stressful but we don't need to be slamming doors at 2 am during syllabus week.

7. Bugs

Albeit my dorm is old, however it has always made me feel like there are bugs everywhere.

8. Concrete walls

As much as I covered my walls with tapestries and anything else I could find, there was still something boring about the cold concrete blocks that I lived in for the last year.

9. The price

On campus living is very expensive, so is the meal plan that the school make you get, so are the groceries I have to buy because I don't enjoy the dining halls. It all adds up and I can't wait to make living more affordable next year!

10. Dorm life

It all just felt so temporary. Maybe that's because I knew they were tearing down my building at the end of this semester? Or maybe it's because I was so excited to move out eventually. Either way, dorm life was an experience that I don't think I will miss too much.