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I'm Learning How To Say No To Spending This Summer Since I'm Living On A Budget In NYC

Spending the summer in New York City is expensive, especially when it seems like all your friends want to do is go out.


You did it! You scored that summer internship, found the perfect sublet, and you and your friends spent the first night of the summer celebrating three months of fun in your futures.

And then you looked at what you owed.

Living in New York City is not cheap, that's for sure, so going out all the time and only thinking about fun isn't a viable option if you're on a budget. That doesn't mean you can't have fun, of course. It just means that you need to learn to say no.

I get it—we all have FOMO. I have sat in my dorm room (my food almost out of the oven) when my friend texts me asking if I want to get lunch and hang out. I don't even have to think about, I just text "Yes" and turn off the oven before running out the door.

Not that I never had disposable income, but the money I am making from internship this summer is barely enough to cover rent and other necessary expenses. How is it supposed to make it through weekends in the city?

Clearly, I have to get my priorities in order, which means learning how to tame my FOMO so that I can confidently turn down any offers that I don't really need or even want to do.

Personally, I think being upfront with your friends is the best way to begin. Let them know your schedule and how you want to spend your days. After work, you may be exhausted, but that doesn't mean you have to be lazy by yourself.

Go over to their place and put on a film. Take a nap on their bed. Cook dinner together! Just don't give in to that lingering question in their eyes, "Do you want to go to dinner and get drinks and then maybe get dessert and possibly hit up that expensive club uptown?" Don't give in. Just ignore it.

Also, it is important to know what options you value and save your money for them! If you really want to go to a music festival at the end of July, forgoing a few concerts throughout the summer may be the smartest way to save up for the expensive ticket. Sure, you won't get to hear live music every weekend like your friends who collect concert tickets like bottle caps, but at least you'll get to hear the bands you really love.

Realizing that you have the power and ability to just. say. no. is an important tool when living on a budget. Don't let useless things tempt you.

Stay strong! Stay cheap (read: economical)!

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