There is a lot of stigma against living in a sorority house, but in my own experience I think every sister should at least consider it. I understand you have heard really rough stories about the laundry room, loud halls, and the house closing too early for the holidays… but beyond these small minor inconveniences, it’s one of the best times of your life.

As an undergrad I lived in a dorm, then an apartment, and then in my sorority’s chapter house for my last two years of college. I was able to move in as a junior, and I’ll admit at first I was skeptical. I am a person who likes my space so living with dozens of other girls seemed like it was going to be a little tasking. Not to mention I would be sharing a room again, and sleeping in a twin bed. Dust off the freshman dorm sheets.

I was living with a senior, who I knew was nice but I wasn’t best friends with her. I was a little nervous.

Turns out she was one of the best roommates I have ever had! Living with someone you aren’t as good of friends with at first in a sorority house may seem scary, but you learn a lot about each other and it’s so fun by the end! If this is one of your concerns holding you back from living in your sorority house, you’ll be okay. Just do it, you’ll make new friends who you may have not otherwise made.

My senior year I lived with my “twin” in my sorority. Living with a close friend can be super fun, too. It just takes the extra step out of driving to their apartment, instead they’re right there. You may still end up texting them funny memes because you’re too lazy to walk across the room to show them what you’re laughing at.

Living in house is not only fun but it’s smart. Most house rents are cheaper than a lot of apartments around campus believe it or not. It depends on your chapter, but for me it was a good financial move.

It was also a time saver! No more looking for parking before meals or meetings, all I had to do was walk right downstairs. If there isn’t anything more convincing, I’m not sure what else to tell you.

Oh, wait I thought of another plus. BREAKFAST. For most houses, you can go to breakfast in our out of house, but it’s just so convenient to be able to walk downstairs and get a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch in the morning from the cereal cart without having to remember to get a new box of cereal yourself at the beginning of each week.

There’s also coffee, which is a life saver when you need to skip the line at the corner cafe. The coffee is also there in the middle of the night when you’re up late trying to study for your biology final. Speaking of finals, the house is always the best place to study because it’s super quiet, and there are usually quiet times for finals. BONUS. There are also always study snacks.

If you happen to fall asleep studying downstairs, it’s also super sweet when your house mom finds you at 6am and wakes you up. S/O to Ms. Pam.

Actually, S/O to all the house moms. Even though your chapter usually has a hired house mom, your house mom becomes the one who takes you and your sisters in and makes your house feel like a home.

Live in your home.