A Little Truth About the Misconceptions About College

A Little Truth About the Misconceptions About College

I feel as if I have to do about three hours of work outside of class, for every hour I am in class!


As I sat in my statistics class the second to last day of my high school career, a very intelligent man threw some tips for college or life after high school, our way. I took every word for what it was worth and could not help but think to myself, ‘I guess this is something to watch out for.’ But now that I have been here to experience such circumstances, these tips weren’t just tips either, but important life lessons to learn and remember as I continue my college journey. Now that I can put week two of college in the books, I cannot help but reflect and think about how accurate my statistics teacher was, and how ignorant I am.

School has always just been second nature to me. Occasional circumstances arose from time to time when a topic required me to study the night before. However, more times than not, I took tests from memory, or what I thought was common sense. I did fairly well. Of course I could have always done better, but I was an honor roll student, to say the very least.

I had always heard that for every hour you are in class, you have two more hours of homework and studying to do before the next class. Again, I never really put much thought to that because that is not how it was in high school, and how would college be any different, right? I was proven wrong! I was extremely wrong about that! I feel as if I have to do about three hours of work outside of class, for every hour I am in class! Being behind has recently become one of my biggest fears within the last week. Truly, there is no way to compare the workload of college to high school.

A fear of mine has been contradicted within the last two weeks, and that would have to be the stigmatism surrounding college professors, and how they do “not care” about their students. Each and every one of my professors have been extremely friendly, and make it clear that they have our best interest when it comes to our education. It is safe to assume this generally happens at smaller schools because there are fewer kids that walk in and out of their doors, compared to ivy league schools. Even though we have had class less than a handful of times in the past two weeks, a few of my professors already know most of their students by name.

College thus far could not be more thrilling yet terrifying because each and every day that passes, I am one day closer to becoming exactly what I want to be and who I am going to be.

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