14 Ways To Improve Your Self-Care Every Day
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14 Small Things That Can Improve Your Self-Care In A Big Way Every Single Day

We all have bad days, but there are things you can do to make each one a little bit brighter.

14 Small Things That Can Improve Your Self-Care In A Big Way Every Single Day

With the new school year beginning, we're all in for inevitably difficult days. Last year, I was my own guinea pig and tried all different tactics to improve each day. Here's a master list of the top 14 things that can change the way you feel mentally and physically while battling an uphill climb:

1. Making a to-do list and checking things off as you go.

One of the best ways to make any busy day a little easier is to write out exactly what you need to get done. Not only does it allow you to see it all in front of you, but the feeling of crossing things off as you complete them is super satisfying and will help you feel a lot less overwhelmed.

2. Morning journaling.

Although journaling isn't everyone's strong suit, it has helped me immensely since last year, and I've been writing in my journal every morning since. I keep it on my nightstand and write whatever comes to mind— nothing is forced. Whether it's random thoughts, things I want to remember for the day, past memories, or anything in between... getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper can be soothing.

3. Staying off of your phone for the first 30 minutes of the day.

This is something that I've always struggled with. My immediate reaction upon waking up is grabbing my phone, checking emails, scrolling through Instagram, answering missed texts, and everything else you can possibly get into. However, I realized that checking and updating myself on all of these things so early in the morning created a high level of stress and anxiety. Putting this off and easing into the day helps me a lot. With that being said, this definitely isn't something I practice every day, but I try to whenever possible.

4. Movement.

This might just be my number one "must-do" everyday. Whether it's actually going to the gym or just taking a walk, movement can improve any bad day... in fact, it's scientifically proven!! This is always easier to do at school because walking around campus is a lot of daily movement in itself.

Exercise is an excellent stress reliever.

5. Light.

Wake up and open the blinds or step outside. I find it so helpful to allow some light into your space. It literally and figuratively brightens any bad day. Sitting in darkness for a while, especially in the early morning, can make the day feel darker too!

6. Hydration.

Drink your water!!!! It helps more than you think. It allows your brain to fire and your body to feel more alive.

7. Talking with others...face-to-face.

Call a good friend or someone you haven't seen in a while and ask them to grab lunch or dinner. Talk to them with no social media or phone use. Tell them how your day was, how you're feeling, and ask about their's too! Face-to-face conversation is good for the mind and soul.

8. Smiling at or complimenting a stranger.

Making someone else's day can make your own! Give someone else a genuine compliment or just shoot someone a smile while walking to class.

9. Order your favorite coffee and sip it in your morning classes or commute.

Even after a long wait in line, nothing is better than starting your day with your favorite coffee order...

Mine is a vanilla almond milk latte or a cafe misto from Starbucks :-)

10. Tune in to a motivating podcast.

Need to be a little more upbeat on your hard day or find some motivation? Search for a motivating podcast or another source of content that you LOVE and find VALUE in. Tune into this content throughout the day!

For me, I'm typically drawn to any Ed Myles podcast when I need a pick-me-up!

11. Use all of your free time wisely.

Procrastination will always make a bad day even worse. Use all of your free minutes to get the things you need to do completed! Don't waste hours scrolling through social media or texting people about where you're going out that weekend.

Turn off your phone and get to work!!

12. Meditate.

This is something that I still work on day to day. Meditation takes practice, but it can be SO helpful when you're having a hard day or feeling stressed about anything. Also, it doesn't need to be a super long thing!! Even if you just breathe for 5 minutes— it's something that's calming your nerves.

Be somewhere that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

13. Wear something that makes you feel confident.

This might sound weird, but it helps, I swear. Feeling good about yourself has an impact on your mindset each day. If looking your best helps you to feel your best, do that!

14. Eat well.

Fuel your body with all the wonderful and beautiful nutrients that it needs— it'll thank you. When you eat well, it shows on the inside and out. You'll be in a better place if you're body is happy.

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