Original pieces are amazing and worth so much, but sometimes we must leave it to the greats, to the professionals, and find inspiration from those that have come before us. This week I took a look at the poem of another and made it my own.

An Excerpt from Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out by Richard Siken

Dear Forgiveness, you know that recently

we have had our difficulties and there are many things

I want to ask you.

I tried that one time, high school, second lunch, and then again,

years later, in the chlorinated pool.

I am still talking to you about help. I still do not have

these luxuries.

I have told you where I’m coming from, so put it together.

We clutch our bellies and roll on the floor . . .

When I say this, it should mean laughter,

not poison.

I want more applesauce. I want more seats reserved for heroes.

Dear Forgiveness, I saved a plate for you.

Quit milling around the yard and come inside.

Litany in Which I Can’t Tell What Time It Is by Maggie Connolly

Dear Darkness, I know that you think

it is your time to shine and you hardly get your chance

these days.

You used to grieve six hours, seven, some days eight, and others even less,

each afternoon, in the schoolyard.

Now you’ve found endless nights. The days die and we’ve no time

for lamentation.

It’s the early evening and I tell you to stay far from me, but you come.

We retaliate with flames crackling quietly at dusk...

When I say this, it should mean warmth,

not scorched flesh.

I want more flowers. I want more books to read by the fireplace.

Dear Darkness, I lit a candle for you.

Quit blocking my way and let me leave.