A List Of Signs That Christmas Time Is Here
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A List Of Signs That Christmas Time Is Here

The most wonderful time of the year!

A List Of Signs That Christmas Time Is Here

As I sit here writing on the day after Thanksgiving, it is my pleasure to announce that Christmas is here!

Seriously. I try not to jump into holidays too early. My general rule is no decorating for an upcoming holiday until the first day of the month in which it falls. But this is my first year living somewhere actually home to a white Christmas, and the cold weather is spurring the holiday vibes. So if you’re already tired of Christmas being everywhere, this is not the post for you. But let me tell you, my friends, the holiday cheer is here, and it is only just beginning! The ambiance here, as evidenced by the following list.

1. Michael Bublé will be playing everywhere.

I absolutely love Michael Buble's Christmas albums. Mariah Carey's is fantastic, Starbucks sells fun CD medleys. Basically, all the Christmas carols are great. My cousin Maddie has this rule about not listening to holiday music until December first. Maybe follow Maddie’s Rule if you don’t want to hate carols by the time the season draws to a close.

2. Christmas trees in store windows.

Christmas trees everywhere in fact! Big, small, Douglas fir, Nobel fir, fake tree indoors, fake tree lit up in your local mall, evergreens dusted with ice and snow, palm trees decorated with fake snow. All are a great way to ring in the holiday season.

3. Holiday Specials

They'll start popping up on every channel. Charlie Brown will defend his tiny baby Christmas tree (which inspires me to collect the extra cuttings of Christmas trees off the floor, and bundle them into little bedside trees, or sometimes a tree just big enough for my dog to celebrate under). You might be able to catch It's A Wonderful Life on screens in your local movie theater.

4. Peppermint has replaced pumpkin spice.

Just like the ambiance of Halloween makes for a cozy, fun fall, the ambiance of the winter holidays calls for comfortable sweaters and delicious warm drinks. Peppermint hot cocoa is my personal favorite. It's easy to make at home too! Make some hot cocoa and add a candy cane stirrer.

5. The Great Christmas Light Fight is on!

^^^I stole the title of this section from this show. Please watch this show, it is such a fun show.

As I drove to the Cleveland airport the night before Thanksgiving, I caught sight of a huge house already all lit up. It was so impressive and so exciting. A little alarming before December, but who cares! I've always been impressed by the unironic enthusiasm with which people living well-decorated streets back home. There's one called Christmas Card Lane, where you can walk and be awed by the lights while sipping hot chocolate and eating holiday cookies. This means you can celebrate not only by basking in the glow of Christmas lights but also decorations, like ornaments! A couple days ago, I found a glittery pink snowflake ornament on the floor. It's totally going on my tree this year.

6. Snow?!

It won't snow everywhere, of course, and I have to say I'm very happy with my sunny San Diego Christmases. But as I've so enjoyed the first bit of snow in Oberlin, I'm starting to see the appeal of what the songs are all about! Whether it's cold, snowy, sunny, rainy I hope you get swept up in the ambiance of the holiday season. It's the most wonderful time of the year after all.

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