Now that I have officially started classes at Emory University, I feel that I am now semi-qualified to give bits of advice. Move in weekend was crazy and everything happened so fast. So fast in fact, that I fell and sprained my ankle pretty badly. So, in attempts to help others here is my list of the things you must pack (or things that I forgot to pack) in order to help your transition go more smoothly than mine did... literally.

1. Coffeemaker

If you're a coffee fanatic like I am, make sure you bring your own coffee maker and the grounds you know and love. The DUCling coffee is less than desirable and it is way too expensive to get Kaldi's or Starbucks every day. This also helps make sure you can be on time for your classes and you don't have to worry about how long the line will be once you get to your preferred coffee shop.

2. An ottoman or step ladder

The beds (at least in my building) are really tall. Now, this poses a problem for those of us who are under 5' 7". Go ahead and get one of those little ottomans and you can also use it for storage.

3. A stick-on card holder for your phone

If you are someone that always has your phone on you just go ahead and get one of these, that way you always have your ID. It makes it easy for impromptu runs to the DUCling or Ray's. Also, it reduces your likelihood of getting locked out of your dorm building.

4. A good pair of headphones

Whether it's for listening to music on the way to class or for as you're falling asleep, you want to make sure your headphones will keep up with you.

5. A good backpack

Speaking of keeping up with you, make sure your backpack will. My personal favorite is the Northface Recon backpack. It has great back support and it has plenty of room for your laptop.

6. A large binder

I didn't realize this when I ordered it but my biology textbook was just the pages and was meant to go in a binder. So, make sure you first know what kind of textbook you are getting and what kind of supporting materials you might need for it.


I don't care if you've never used one in your life, get a planner and learn to use it. Personally, I use a variation of a bullet journal. I use a blank notebook and add whatever else I need, like calendars, weekly layouts, and important information.

8. Brita filter pitcher

Our hall only has a water bottle filling station one of the floors. Go ahead and get one of the Brita filter pitchers to keep in your room so you don't have to venture out every time you get thirsty.

9. Go ahead and get your eyes checked and get glasses if you need them.

I had an eye appointment right before I left home to come to Emory, and now I'm trying to get my glasses. With limited transportation options, I'm having to order them and honestly, I wish I could just get to a store. So, make sure you handle all that at home before you show up at school without a car.

10. MARTA card (or another public transportation card).

I'm still working on this one, but go ahead and get one. Between the buses and the rail systems, you can get anywhere you want to go! Who needs a car anyway? (Just kidding, I miss mine).

11. A bike, longboard, scooter, or unicycle (or your preferred mode of transportation around campus).

Even if all your classes are close together, if you are without a car, bring a bike. Who knows, you might get to campus and find out that your music theory class is on the complete opposite side of campus from your biology class and you only have ten minutes to get there (like me). Or you might just find yourself with a friend on a late-night adventure to CVS to get deodorant and a gallon of milk (that's what I did tonight in case you were wondering).