A complete alphabetized list of what life is like as a Skyhawk!

Ace the Skyhawk

Bingo Nights

Chicken Wrap Thursday

Duffy Academic Center

Easton, MA

The Farmer’s Daughter Restaruant

Ghost stories about the Sem

Holy Cross priests


Joining intramural and club teams

Kindness at Stonehill is holding the door

Lux et Spes

Monday Morning Update

Northeast-10 Conference

Orientation with Peer Mentors

Purple! Purple! Purple!

The Quad

Roommates for Life

The Sem and the SpoCo

Mr.Stonehill Talent Show

Unique Experience

View from Donahue Hall

W.B. Mason stadium

SodeXo dining hall food

4 Years that fly by

Zero Complaints!

26 of the hundreds of ways to know you attend Stonehill! Go Skyhawks!