A List Of Good Things

It's easy to forget how beautiful the small moments are. Sometimes I get so caught up in the swirling drama and stresses of my life that I forget to be happy or simply just to be present. I find inspiration in the shortest of moments. I can be moved by a few words strung together on a page. The combination of these two things has resulted in this list of those powerful moments. They mean something to me, I hope they mean something to you, too. Each item is so personal and yet we all think of different memories. I think that alone is remarkable. This is dedicated to the people in my life who inspire these moments. I hope you read it with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart like I did when I wrote it.

sunsets in shades of pink and gold and blue. your best friend's infectious laughter. the smell of grass after a storm. holding hands for the first time. new friends and new memories. freshly washed sheets. songs that make you cry. coffee dates and study buddies. flowers just because. finding a new flavor of tea. nostalgia and high school yearbooks. good morning texts. bonfires and s'mores. late nights and deep conversations. cookies just out of the oven. shoes that make you feel powerful. hand written letters and postcards. being congratulated. forehead kisses. summer rain. finding and petting a stranger's dog. starry skies and cloudy skies and bright blue forever skies. black clothing. vintage photographs. feeling important. long, hot showers or bubble baths if you prefer. finding a new favorite show on Netflix. being alone when you need it. car washes. candles that remind you of home. popcorn with movie theater butter. climbing trees. sweet candies and salty snacks. white noise. the opening line of a good book. cozy sweaters. comfortable silence. watching Bob Ross paint a masterpiece. refreshing naps. how it feels when someone you love takes care of you. rain hitting the windowpane. learning from a mistake and doing better the next time. inside jokes. birthday parties. coke fizzing out of the bottle. smiling because you want to, not because you have to. cheap, late night takeout. mastering a new hobby. unexpected compliments. knowing hard work paid off. being spontaneous and rebellious and maybe a little dangerous. fun facts. road trips to another state or to another city or to the grocery store. getting dinner with friends. singing along to the radio. fresh cherries. watching The Food Network. taking deep breaths. the smell of vanilla. knowing that someone is thinking of you. feeling loved.

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