A List Of 15 Topics To Spark Your Imagination

A List Of 15 Topics To Spark Your Imagination

Writer's Block can be a pain.

Recently I have been drawing blanks on what to write for almost all of my assignments, but luckily I have one for this article which will hopefully help me with what I need to complete this week.

I`m in a creative writing course and currently in a poetry unit. To me a poem needs to have meaning. They need to allow a person to interpret it in a way that will allow them to connect and connect with the information provided. Coming up with a topic for a poem (or any kind of writing) can be a challenge, so, I thought I would make a list of ideas to spark some creativity.

1. Weather/Nature

Write about how the sun is hidden longer while the snow falls, how the flowers force their way out of the ground, searching for what will make them grow. Relate it to a personal experience. Go out and explore the woods. Let nature inspire you.

2. Broken Relationships

Everyone has had at least one, whether it is a friend, parent, or significant other. Expand on it. Why did they leave? Why haven't they returned? Look at what made it hurt so much. Let that pain fuel your imagination.

3. Love

But don't use the word in your piece. Say you love with your actions. Love with your eyes, your ears, your work, and your mind. Talk about the love you had for your childhood swing set or your first trip to Disney. Talk about the first time you said the word and meant it.

4. Nighttime/Dusk

The beginning and end of a day are entriguing. The peace or fear that comes along with being alone and obseriving the world is something to think about. Note the stars or how your can`t see your hand in front of your face.

5. Favorite color

It can just be a color, or it can be the color of your favorite sweatshirt, fading from existence. It can be a rainbow, a pot of gold (in the St. Patrick`s Day mood still). It can be the color that reflects your mood and thoughts. It can be the color you wish you could be.

6. Favorite animal

Write about your favorite pet, the good and bad. Pick an endangered species and reason with people as to why they should care. Look into the animal testing that occurs. Talk about the puppy you got for your eighth birthday.

7. Hope

Write about something happy. How your best friend recovered from cancer, how your parents got you out of a bad situation. What it would be like if the world were a perfect place. How to make a change, a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

8. Be inspired by another poet

Read Poe, Dickinson, or Whitman. Find a style you like. Read. Expand your mind and knowledge. There are more important things to do than wait for the perfect poem to come along. Sometimes all it takes is a little push from someone you respect.

9. Counter arguments

We all disagree with something, so why not use it to "fix" the problem? Give your opinion. Write what you feel. Let your passion shine through.

10. Writing

Write about writing. It may seem silly, but having an outlet for the struggles of writing can help one develop more skills. When you have writing as your theme, there really aren't any limits.

11. Social media

There is a lot that goes on every day, different stories on kids being kids, dogs living a better life than you are, and memes. Talk about your favorite/least favorite site. Describe the benefits and negative impact it can have on someone's life when used for the wrong reasons.

12. Politics

This is a big category. Talk about the policies, state your opinion, give suggestions, try and encourage others to stand for what they believe in. Stand for what you believe in. Talk about the difficulties we may face and what we have already overcome.

13. Journey

Travel opens so many doors for people. They gain more of a global/cultural understanding and awareness. Write about a vacation you went on. Talk about somewhere you want to go, somewhere you haven't been. Take some time and do a little research. Talk about someone else's ideal trip. Talk about hardships in life and how to overcome them.

14. Shoes

Talk about your old pair of Converse; where have they been? What have they walked through? What is it that makes your Nike shoes your favorite? Talk about what it takes to keep the shoe from falling apart, what kind of things they have endured.

15. Yourself

You are an interesting topic because no one knows you as well as you do...most of the time. Each person is unique and they all have a story to tell, they just need some one to listen, and with a poem, you can do so much more than tell, you can make other people feel the pain you do as well.

Cover Image Credit: The Odyssey Online

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