In case you ever needed a little extra bright in your everyday life, it's safe to say famous cartoonist Lisa Frank's new partnership with Glamour Dolls cosmetics will be just the thing. Glamour Dolls, an Indie vegan and cruelty free makeup line has recently announced a collaboration with Frank any '90s kid' would clearly approve of as they've moved past funky school folders and into the realm of beauty products. The makeup line plans to partner with beauty guru Kandee Johnson to rewind to a time when full-out Glitter was in. In an effort to obtain the necessary funds to make our dreams a reality, Glamour Dolls has started a KickStarter with the intent to raise $30,000 by April, and as a result of an overwhelming amount of Press from beauty magazines like Seventeen, Marie Claire, and Allure, among others like Huff Post, they currently have over $113,000 in contributions. The best part of it all is that those who opted to contribute to the campaign will even get to help pick the shades and names that make the final cut. The company promises to stay true to their gracious pricing, however, as every product they have in development, including a lip balm, liquid eyeliner, makeup bag and highlight powder, will be only $5.

The unicorn blush brush, available for presale.

To pay homage to a most anticipated wave of nostalgia in 2017 and inspire some others to get onboard, I've included just some of Frank's most iconic and whimsical neon creations.

1. The pinnacle of cute for any 9 year old.

2. Poly chromatic wonderland.

3. Bun-derful.

4. Fantasy jungle.

5. This was my take-home folder in elementary school.

6. We ❤ colors.

Whether you're a makeup guru or don't know the first thing about winged eyeliner like me, this new line of fantastic fantasy worlds can transform anyone into a Frank fanatic.

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