Pennsylvania Loses Its "No Chill" Status
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Pennsylvania Loses Its "No Chill" Status

New liquor laws take Pennsylvania into the 21st century

Pennsylvania Loses Its "No Chill" Status

Pennsylvanians are accustomed to beer and liquor being sold in separate stores, and never at grocery stores or gas stations. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I never even realized the strangeness of this phenomenon is until I went to college (in Pennsylvania) with people from other states. My friends were appalled at the fact that they had to go to separate stores to pick up a cheap bottle of vodka and a case of the one-and-only Natty Light. The more I thought about it, the stranger it seemed.

It is very inconvenient to have to go to multiple places to buy beer and liquor, and to not be able to purchase beer and liquor in convenience stores and grocery stores. In Europe, the drinking age is younger, thus drinking is less of an ordeal. People don't drink to get drunk as much as they do in America; it's more casual. Similarly, in other states beer is sold in grocery stores and in the same stores as liquor, so buying alcohol is much more casual than in Pennsylvania. Why are we the uptight state?

Well, Pennsylvania is shedding it's conservative grandmother persona, and coming into the modern day. Recently, PA grocery stores started selling beer. This was the first step to a PA losing its "no chill" status. This month a bill was passed allowing the following.

Grocery stores that sell beer may now sell up to four bottles of wine.

Individuals may receive direct shipments of wine to their homes.

Restaurants and hotels may sell up to four bottles of wine for take-out.

State liquor store restrictions on hours, mandated holidays and Sunday sales are removed.

Alcohol may be sold all day, every day, at casinos.

The ability for gas stations to sell six-packs is made permanent, provided they obtain a special license.

Breweries and distilleries can participate in farmers markets.

State liquor stores can enhance customer loyalty and coupon programs, and offer special discounts and sales.

Prior to this new law, Pennsylvania also had strange blue laws, which are laws that prevent specific activities from occurring on Sunday. In Pennsylvania, only Fine Wine and Good Spirit stores can sell wines and spirits, forcing all the stores to sell wine and spirits at a constant price that does not differ from store to store. Many of the stores are only open between the hours of 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Sundays.

As far beer sales go, a person was only able to buy six and 12-pack beers from a restaurant, bar, licensed beer store. For anything larger a person had to go to a beer distributor.

Keep in mind that Pennsylvania has always had stricter drinking laws than other states. The image below shows a map of drinking ages by state in the United States in 1975, which is around when most states were at their lowest age requirement for alcohol purchases. The maroon represents states that required a person be 21 or older to purchase alcohol.

This new law will take effect in just under two months. Welcome to the 21st century, Pennsylvania. Now, Mr. President, let's talk about moving that drinking age back to 18.

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