For years I was able to say I liked most music, but maybe not some rap and definitely not country music. However, those days might have come to an end. Recently I've really loved the song "Tequila" by Dan and Shay, so naturally, I went on Spotify to listen to it. However, I forgot that more of their music would just continue to play.

To be completely honest I didn't mind it at all. As I stood there folding my laundry I was enthralled by this music and loving every moment of it.

Now the funny thing is that I initially went on Spotify to listen to just that song and then go listen to some Marren Morris, another country singer I've recently discovered after seeing her open for Niall Horan. So eventually I began listening to her album and again was hooked.

I never thought there'd be a time in my life where country music grabbed my attention so easily.

Now to be fair I've always had a soft spot for a little country, but that really only included Taylor Swift's early work and Hunter Hayes. Classic T-Swift was just too damn relatable and catchy not to love, and Hunter is just an amazingly talented man. Not to mention seeing both of them perform some of these songs live just made my love for them grow.

But obviously, I always thought I was more of a pop-country kind of girl. And to be fair both of my newly discovered country loves aren't the most hard-core country singers.

Yes, it's apart of the genre, but I don't think I'll be singing about a guy's pickup truck any time soon.

Alas, I must admit I regret judging some of those extreme country music fans because it appears they may have been on to something. But it just shows that we should all stop being so judgemental of each other's music taste and just let people listen to what they enjoy. For whatever reason, people become incredibly defensive about their music, when personally I just want to listen to whatever sounds good regardless of the genre.