Chapter One

Like It Was Yesterday

The first time I saw Justin was six years ago on Friday October 12

“Are you okay?” asked Justin.

“My ankle! It hurts!”

“Well, let me help you finish this race, and then I will take you to the medics.”

He was the very first person to ever care for me. My first friend. No one has done anything like that for me since then. I quit the track team after that competition. I started going to every single one of Justin’s track meets to show my support for him.

I have since then found out what his favorite color, birthday, friends, parents, schedule, and hobbies other than track team. I am his biggest fan, and he is my closest and truest friend.

Today, I followed him after practice trying to build up the nerve to talk to him again. “Justin,” I called. He stopped, turned around, and froze. He obviously didn’t recognize me. I called his name again and took a few steps forward. He turned around began to run, so I ran after him and calling his name. He ran down his street and fell. I ran to check on him, but before I could, he got up and ran into his house. Seconds later his father came out and began cursing at me. I ran and hid before he could get to me. Why would he run away from me? Why would he send his father to chew me out? I thought we were close.

I will not forget what happened tonight. I am no longer his biggest fan, nor is he my best friend. I will not forgive him. He has stabbed me in the back. I will get him for making me look like an absolute fool.