My Best Friends Are My Cousins' Girlfriends

To The Girls Who Have Won My Cousins' Hearts, You've Also Won Mine

I don't know whose luckier: me or the boys.

Laken Pritchard

To Molly and Carli,

Being the youngest out of all of the cousins has never been difficult for me. In fact, I love it; it makes me all the more intimidating. So when they start bringing around their significant others, I'm always putting them through a test--figuratively and literally.

I have always been overprotective of my family because of how much they mean to me. I have been lucky enough to have great relationships with my entire family, but the boys I have a bond like no other, as you can probably tell. Being around the same age, attending the same university and sharing secrets that can never leave the Progress 910 apartment.

When I first heard that they had girlfriends, my guard immediately went up. They may annoy me, tease me and get on my very last nerve, but they still sit high on the pedestal in my mind.

When I first met you both, I remember trying to keep my distance. I wanted to see how you all interacted, how you were treating each other, and making mental notes if I saw anything I didn't like. That didn't happen, though. I immediately struck up conversations with you both and it didn't seem like I could stop. All three of us are alike, in more ways than one, and it helps so that we can talk about anything and everything with each other.

This past Pritchard Family Christmas, you guys were able to join in with us. As I've mentioned in previous articles, we have lots of traditions, but one of the most important would be the lip sync battle. After a lot of convincing, I was finally able to get you guys to join me for the competition.

Singing and dancing to the ABC's is something I will never forget. Trust me, that song will never be the same.

Although I'm hard on the majority of girlfriends and boyfriends my family introduces me to, it all comes from a good place. And as long as you all continue to treat each other right, there won't be anything to worry about.

Thank you both for being such important parts of my life. I've never had many friends that are girls, so this is something that I will treasure forever.

I love you both to death,


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