Typically, when someone hears the term “Introvert,” they assume it’s a person who is very anti-social, extremely shy and\ not a fan of social interactions. However, that is not the case. A person can learn a lot from an introvert: finding pleasure in the simplest things, being able to never feel lonely when alone and knowing how to pick friends who share the same heart as them. There are so many little perks that come with being an introvert that for those who are one, they help make life just a little bit easier.

1. Less Friends, Less Drama

Being selectively social is one of the best benefits that comes with being an introvert. You may have acquaintances here and there, but those chosen few that you share your hopes and aspirations with are one who you will most likely spend the rest of your life with. You don’t go out finding friends that help you look better or can increase your social status in any way. You look for friends you connect with on every level: emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And when you find those friends, it is very unlikely that you will not enjoy every moment you spend with them.

2. The Simple Things in Life Bring So Much Joy

Now to some people, these things can be viewed as weird or just not important at all, but to an introvert they are some of the best times that can be experienced in life. Such as, enjoying a good book, over-sized comfy clothes, talking about life and reflective topics with a small group of your closest friends, snuggling under a blanket in a cool environment and watching old movies, or even just being alone with some chill music can really make your day and put you at ease.

3. Sometimes, Being a Wallflower is Inevitable

Some introverts, including myself, enjoy social events much more when accompanied by someone they know to help them feel comfortable. However, that won’t always be the case. You may be left alone and you’ll shrink back into your own bubble, watching everything from afar. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. People-watching may become your favorite hobby as you step back from all the commotion and observe your surroundings. It can strengthen one’s imagination as you try to guess at another person’s story. It’s a great way to relax and really get a feel for the beauty of the community around you.

4. No Desire To Fit In

Individuality is a huge thing in society and has been promoted for as long as I can remember. Introverts specifically have absolutely no desire to be like the celebrities that are looked up to by their peers. You know you are your own person and that’s all you want to be. You like to silently express yourself through writing or music or even by your clothes. You do not aim to please every person you meet and are completely okay with that.

5. Silence Calms Your Soul

Introverts need solitude and a tranquil environment in order to recharge from a day of social interactions to prevent lethargy and mental overloads. You like to be inside your head for a while in a relaxed state while others go crazy at parties or bars. You like to stay inside and watch the rain from your window with your pet on your lap. As mentioned previously, it’s the small things in life that can really put you at ease, whether it’s mentally, physically or emotionally.

Introverts are quiet, creative, observant and unique. They can have long periods of alone time and not feel lonely for even a moment. If they’re interested in you, they don’t want small talk. They want to know real facts about you and figure out what makes you tick. It takes time for them to open up to others because they want long last friendships and relationships, but having one as a friend is totally worth it. They bring balance into the fast-paced lives of others. So, if someone is quiet, don’t give up on trying to get to know them. Who knows? They may surprise you.