A car accident can change everything.
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Like A Soda Can Part 5

Familiar smells make me miss my family more.

Like A Soda Can Part 5

I tightly close my eyes as I try to hold back the tears. I have to go to school, and my dad may die. What if Daddy dies and I never see him again? I quietly sob as I desperately need my mom. I need to sleep, I know, but how can I sleep? I am too afraid to sleep. What if we get in another accident on the way back to Beaufort? What if daddy dies as I sleep?

Up until that moment in my life, I thought death was strange and odd. I didn't understand why people have to die. I didn't really realize how fragile life can be.

"Andrea, wake up. We are home." David is lightly shaking me awake. I don't remember falling asleep. Did I cry myself to sleep?

Dana is standing on the porch and has her arms out as she hugs me. She walks me inside, and to the kitchen. "Are you hungry?"

I glance over at the stove and notice the time on the clock. It is 5:05. "Not really."

I sit down at the kitchen table and stare off into space, wishing that yesterday was all a dream. A familiar rich smell of coffee makes me drift far away. I think about my mom and how she likes her coffee with a lot of sugar and milk. Daddy drinks it the same way. I hope he is okay. I wonder how mama is doing.

The chair next to me scrapes the floor and startles me. I almost forgot I wasn't at home. Cody, David's son, takes a seat and asks his mom for some orange juice and some cereal."What are you doing here?" he asks me.

"Cody!" His mom snaps back in reply as she brings both of us a glass of orange juice and the bowl of cereal for her son.

"I didn't mean anything by it; I am just shocked she is here."

I stay silent, unsure of what to say really. Next thing I know, we are getting in Dana's car and heading to school. Cody goes to Coosa Elementary, and since it is closer than my school to their house, Dana drops him off first. I go to Lady's Island Elementary School. When we arrive at my school, Dana drops me off at the car riders' area, and says, "Have a good day. I will pick you up after school."

Death is something that happens, and it should be talked about more. I was afraid to say anything at school due to the fact of being teased about it from my fellow classmates. Dealing with them bullying me did not help things. I may not have dealt with the pain of my dad dying, but I was afraid at school while he was in ICU that he would pass away.

"Okay, thanks." I don't really believe I am going to have a good day today. I am sure to grab my violin and shut the car door. I head to the music room to drop off the violin. I keep my head low.No one knows what happened, but I don't really feel like talking. For the first time in a while, I'm not looking forward to school. I just want my mom, and right now I am unsure of when I will see her again.

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