19 Things You Know To Be True  If You're The Lightweight Friend

19 Things Every Lightweight Friend Will Relate To Heavily, Cheers

There are more pros than cons, actually!

Megan Crabb

Ah yes, the lightweight. You know, that one friend who takes one shot and it goes right to their head? If you don't know who I'm talking about, YOU are probably the lightweight of your going-out group. Let all the lightweights emerge from their corners and bond over all these things we know to be true. Yes, I am the lightweight friend too!

You pay half as much as your friends do when you go out

This is probably the best part of being a lightweight. Just give me 2 shots and a mixed drink and I'm good for the next few hours.

You hit the midnight level of drunk around 9 p.m.

Yes, I can definitely tell when I'm already way drunker than all my friends because they start giving each other looks like, "Oh God, here she goes!"

Pre-gaming is just as intense as actually going out

You want me to drink how many shots?! That isn't a pre-game, that's endgame.

You forget the latter half of most nights out

I don't even remember spending $20 at Taco Bell?!

You know exactly how much alcohol is in every mixed drink so you don't accidentally go overboard

Long Island iced teas are a no no unless you want your stomach pumped.

You know exactly which drinks do what to you

Rum and Coke makes me throw up. Every time. Period.

Your hangovers are 10 times worse than anybody else's

I can literally feel my liver aching...

 Casual drinks are never just casual drinks

Thursday night, half-price sangria gets you tipsy after one glass. It's just sad.

 Wine tasting isn't even an option

It's like they don't want lightweights to enjoy the good things in life.

 You can still feel the alcohol even if you get a drink with dinner

That Super Tiki Twister looks really great until I'm tipsy on a Wednesday at Texas Roadhouse during what was supposed to be a casual girl's night.

 Drinking games are a no-go

I have played exactly one drinking game in my entire life and it ended up with me dropping a vodka cranberry all over myself and my boyfriend.

 You always look the most rachet in every single group picture

I take pictures with friends on every night out and never actually post any. So basically, there is no evidence that I actually ever go out.

 Nausea hits way too fast

Once I had maybe three or four drinks at a club and was in the bathroom for a solid half hour because I thought I was going to throw up. Fun night.

 You have designated going out shoes because they always end up just as trashed as you

Oh, that stain? Yeah, that's from that one time I decided to chug an entire marg and then drop my next drink all over myself.

 You are the one already wanting to do crazy shit while the rest of your group isn't even tipsy yet

Come dance with me! Let's sing karaoke! Ohmygod, let's go get tattoos!

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