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Sooner Scandals draws together the Greek community
Scandalsseason has become an opportunity to forge new friendships. 

A few weeks ago, during our annual Mom's Day weekend, the Sooner Scandals performances were presented. Scandals is held every spring. Every year a fraternity, or two, pairs up with a sorority and they pick a theme. Each group comes up with a storyline and tells their story through vocals and choreography. When it is time for each chapter to present their story, they are judged based on energy during the performance and choreography, even down to their ability to follow simple directions such as, “don’t step on the white line.” Scandals is a lot of fun to be a part of and it is a great and fun way to meet new people and learn valuable life lessons while in college.

During Scandals season, you have the chance to meet many new people from different houses whom you may have never met before. You spend hours upon hours working with new people to accomplish the same goal. At first, you may feel like you are all alone. You may huddle up with your own brothers or sisters during the short breaks for water or you may just hide from everyone on your phone because you don’t know anyone. Little by little the crowds begin to intertwine. All of a sudden, a sorority girl is talking to some guys from a fraternity and members of different fraternities are laughing and joking with each other.

It kind of reminds me of High School Musical and the scene when all of the cliques begin to change the status quo and become friends, regardless of their social status. Take me for example. I became so close to everyone who was in the fraternity that was paired with us, as well as so many of the sorority girls. We all became one big family unit. We opened up to each other and all had trust in each other to do the right things on stage.

Being a part of Scandals teaches you how to work with a team as well as people who are very different from you. To be able to take a group of 50 individuals and teach all of them to dance, sing and be perfectly synchronized is incredibly difficult and an amazing experience.

A lot of hard work is put into Scandals performances each spring, so much more than the audience realizes. Blood, sweat and tears are shed during the few months of rehearsal for these shows.  

Everyone who participated this year deserves yet another congratulations on the amazing effort they made to put on such a show. The prizes awarded are nothing compared to the life long friendships and lessons that you earn through being a part of Sooner Scandals. 

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